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  1. Hello Everyone, I attended VAVS8 in October 2013 and been busy every since with deciding my niche and getting my website ready. I am a virtual assistant specializing in MemberGate. I can be contacted at http://timesavingva.com/contact/ I look forward to connecting to other VAs. Also, I moved to Florida two weeks ago, so many new things in the first 3 months of 2014. Thank you Andrea Robinson
  2. Hello, I am new to the Tampa Bay area... I am in Oldsmar, FLorida Is there already a meet up of VAs or is anyone interested in getting together? - Andrea
  3. Thank you very much Office Goddess. Just called Dept of Revenue (DOR) in Florida .. since my VA business is not a tangible service.. I do not need to charge sales or use tax.
  4. Hello, I am moving from Georgia to Tampa area of Florida. In Georgia we do not have to charge sales tax for our Virtual Assistant business and we need to register with the Secretary of State for LLC. If you are in Florida, could you advise: Do I have to charge sales or use tax? I have done some reading and I believe the answer is yes but I can not find a definite answer. Department of Revenue page Do I have to register my LLC in Florida? I have been told I do not.. Trying to get verification. Any help or guidance would be most appreciated. Thank you Andrea andrea@timesavingva.com
  5. VAVS8 - So far so great - Andrea andrea@avirtualadmin.net
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