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  1. Hi VABee2011 - I couldn't agree more! I've told my new client that he's going to have to get QuickBooks or something that is a full on accounting sofware program and that he'll have to hire a full charge bookkeeper as well. Expensify is a great way to take pictures and upload them for storage and I believe that the app will categorize your expenses and I know it accommodates different currencies. The "pro" version may have more bells and whistles, but I don't think for a minute that it's a substitute for a real accounting program.
  2. Hi VABee2011 - Expensify is free AND paid app - depending on the level that you want to use. I don't think it comes with P&L statements or reconciliations, but it integrates well with QuickBooks and other accounting softwares. I'm asking because a client of mine uses it and really likes it. I've done a bit more reading and I think he'll be happy to continue using the mobile app and start integrating with QuickBooks.
  3. Thanks, Tawnya! I'll definitely let him know that he and his team need to keep the expenses (I'm hoping he already knows that). Expensify IS an app that is available right now and it integrates with all of the major accounting systems (QuickBooks, Oracle, etc.). I was just hoping to hear from someone who had experience with it in connection with working for a client.
  4. Hi Everyone - A client of mine is looking to streamline his expense reporting for his business. He currently uses Expensify, but I don't think he has a robust accounting system put into place yet. Does anyone have experience with Expensify or any other apps? If so, what are your experiences and which one(s) do you like the best in terms of ease of use and integration with an accounting system? Many thanks in advance!
  5. Hi all - I'm steadily working toward getting my website set up and have been searching various domain names. I've come up with at least 4 that are good (all are available with the .com extension) and am wondering if it makes sense to register all four. Also, if I do this, can I have all of them point to my website and would there be any potential problems inherent in doing this? If so, what would those problems be? As always - many thanks for any advice that any of you can give!
  6. HI Everyone! Thanks so much for the input! I downloaded LastPass onto my PC, but will definitely look into KeePass and Passwords Plus.
  7. Hi All - what program(s) do you use to store sensitive information? Many thanks! Marilyn MJP Virtual Assistant Associates
  8. Hi Danielle - not really looking for project management software. I'm looking for the best virtual "cloud based" environment for a team of 5 entrepreneurs to link together with me so that I can provide services. I've done some research today and it seems that Google Docs is the best (it's free), then Microsoft Sky (somewhat limited) and then Office 365 (not free). Does anyone out there have experience with Microsoft Sky and Outlook 365 that they can share? Thanks again!
  9. Hi All! I just had a quick conversation with a potential client and need to know what environment everyone here thinks is the best one to pull together a team of 5 people who are all operating virtually, but not using the same systems (i.e. some use Outlook, some use Google, etc.). Is it possible to work with each individual in their preferred environment, or is it best to nudge them in the direction of using the same environment? Thanks so much in advance for any help/advice! Marilyn
  10. Hi Everyone! First - thanks for making this such a fun and informative place to be. I'm just starting out and I need help/advice regarding setting my rates. I live in the NY Metro area and it's been suggested that I charge no less than $50/hour and as high as $75/hour. Is this too expensive for the general marketplace for VAs? Many thanks for your help! Marilyn
  11. Hi again! Thanks so much for the replies and the support! I am still working full time, so I haven't had much of an opportunity to spend time in the forums yet. I look forward to learning from everyone here.
  12. This is a great thread! I'm a newbie to the Virtual Assistant space as well and am also trying to figure out what services to offer. As a 30 year veteran legal/executive secretary, I feel that I'm more of a "generalist" rather than a "specialist." I'm great on Word, but not so great on Excel and Power Point. Great with travel arrangements and managing schedules/setting up meetings but don't necessarily want to answer someone's phones. I also have some Quickbooks experience, so I feel that I'm all over the map (so to speak). Also - there's a LOT of information out there to absorb, so I'm grateful to have found this site. I appreciate everyone's input!
  13. Hi Danielle - yes, my question was about VAVirtuosos, so thanks for the information. I have another question - are membership levels upgradable (i.e. if I buy the Booster, can I upgrade to the higher levels)? Thanks again! Best - Marilyn
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