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  1. Oh, i like it. It is an impressive website. Simple but full of information. It seems a bit slow.
  2. I've register Domain Name at Godaddy and I'm using host at Godaddy. It relatively ease to use.
  3. Yes, of course. Website shows your router IP address (Public IP). It can't show private ip. Your computers are using private ip. Use cmd ipconfig to find: Start-> run -> type cmd -> type ipconfig
  4. AM Outsourcing Services Agency is a Vietnam based Agency aimed at providing offshore solutions and services which help our clients to more efficiently manage their business information and associated processes. In today’s economy, it is important for companies to find creative ways to improve profits. Off sourcing addresses these needs by decreasing costs while increasing productivity and efficiency. We can help your company stay learn and more importantly give you an advantage over your competitors.We’ve been working with global customers for over 5 years. Our continued success is dependent on Clients’ happiness with our work. Contact us now! Email: info@outsourcing2vietnam.com Website: www.outsourcing2vietnam.com
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