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  1. Thank you everyone here again! I started to read yesterday, I even couldn't stop reading until mid night ..... oh boy, there's lot infromation, you guys are so good..... I wish I could meet all of you in person one day! Have a nice weekend! Poolean
  2. Thanks lot for all of you. Michelle, I am in San Jose, I have to check it out how far from SJ to Hayward hehehe or probably we could meet someday to have a cup of coffee? I am thinking if it's too late to jump in this industry? I wish I could know this industry 2 years ago. Really love this place! Have a good day! poolean
  3. Hello everyone, I am so glad to be here! My name is poolean, just found informatin about VA by chance today, want to know more about it. It's great to found such wonderful forum which can get more detail information, have LIVE TALK and get to know so many VAs here hehehe . I guess I have to take some times to read first......
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