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  1. Hello everybody! My name is Tory Wenger, and I'm ECSTATIC that I just started my own virtual assisting service! I have been a VA for about a year and a half now, and I love it! Eventually I'd like to drift towards being more of a Technomad (someone who travels extensively while working online), and travel consistently. This is my webpage: www.VagabondVirtualServices.com I have not updated any social media yet, as I just finished this Yesterday, but I plan to start regularly posting and advertising on Monday. What tips do you guys have for a newbie? As far as taxes and finances, what perks and downfalls have you experienced? Thanks! -Tory Wenger
  2. I use Toggl! You can track time, categorize under different project types, and it even gives you a pie chart showing you what percentage of time you spend doing which project.
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