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  1. Hi have a theme that I am trying to use. It looks great and I've started to add my own text etc. However, on the home page I cannot get rid of the blogging features. I have a page for my blog on my site but how can I get rid of the ARCHIVES Widget on the home page and subsequent pages. I only want it on the page designated for the blog and responses etc.....If someone could answer this it would be great because I'm almost there with my do over website and reinventing my business. Thanks
  2. Perhaps the best option is to network via social media and if you are really ambitious, start your own job board and charge a small fee. That is what I'm in the process of doing. The virtual environment offer unlimited opportunities but being creative is a must. I'm nearing retirement 5 years in government and becoming a VA is a second career option that I pan on making a success. Job Boards are scary when you are competing with so many seasoned freelancers but never be discouraged. Good marketing, staying in contact with the industry and finding your niche are essential. Thank God for VAnetworking because it gives you a practical forum and great resources.
  3. As part of my new business addition, I'm creating a job board using Wordpress. Wordpress offers templates etc... are there any other templates or recommendations as far as a job board?
  4. Greetings to you as well. I'm in Maryland as well and we enjoy many of the same activities. Good Luck!!!!! And Welcome!!!
  5. Choosing a name for my business was one of the most important decisions that I have ever made. In the beginning I had a name in mind that are catchy and fun and I thought it would be perfect. However, as my business ideas began to take shape and I got a little bit of exposure, that name began to sound out of place and not appropriate for what I wanted to do. I went online and found a name selector software, queried friends, and did a variety of things to help me select a name for my company. In the end, I decided upon Virtual Works Virtual Assistant. The name is the epitome of what we offer now and in the future. I believe that a name should last and leave an impression of some kind. For example, don't we all know and remember Kinkos or Nike. A name an a company logo can speak volumes. My advise is take your time don't be in a rush, get feedback, mull it over. What's in your heart...make the name last and truly reflect what you do. Hope that helps.
  6. Hello Nora and welcome. I've been away from the forum for a while but I have a new head of steam and I'm back. I look forward to encouraging and sharing. The Virtual Assistant industry is alive and well and much needed as businesses and government look for creative options in increasing their productivity. Again, welcome!
  7. I've used Weebly and Wix, I like them because they are visually stunning....but as far as programming it did not meet my needs.
  8. To get my business name out there finally to clients with a visually and content worthy site and consistent social media outlet. Got to do this!
  9. Hi Catherine, Welcome to the forum, I know the feeling of putting everything in place. Here I'm certain you will find resources, networking and a ton of support. Feel free to reach out at anytime. Great to you have here! Deb VirtualWorksVA virtualworksva.com
  10. You make such a valid point. When trying to decide my niche, I found it difficult. I knew what I did well and liked to do. But I also had developed other skills such as research, animation, and editing. When I looked at my outline of skills, I didn't put any of these on the list. As I talk to other VA's I realize that the sky is the limit. VA's are very diverse and have so many premier skills that are sought after these days. What about teaching, training, coaching etc. Deb
  11. Welcome to the group. I am also new, I am in the midst of revising my entire website and price list etc. based upon the valuable information and feedback that I've received in such a short time. I was a bit apprehensive and somewhat depressed but this forum has given me and my business new life. You will find that here. Welcome!
  12. Welcome to the forum! I am also a new VA looking to learn from some of the best. Don't be shy around here is one of the first things that I've learned. Everyone is very open, honest, and friendly. Congrats!!!!
  13. :addohno:As a new VA I have realized that I simply cannot do everything that I actually can DO. I can't tell everyone how I have struggled to narrow down my offerings. I love Graphic Design, Power Point but I'm interested in Social Media Marketing for small businesses as well. Then there is the Admin side, which seems to be my staple right now. From reading the posts and information in this Forum, I do have a much better understanding of what to promote as my specialty. I am going to offer the regular Admin Work but focus on the Presentation and Design side a bit more and then also offer the Social Media Marketing. Thank you all for the great posts and opportunity to vent, share and get some great ideas. Might I ask how have some of decided what to offer your clients. Basically, because no one can do everything and do it all absolutely perfect or well, how did you pick and choose. I know a VA who does legal work she's great! But she says its not fun and she won't be focusing on it in her new business but have it as one of her options. She's choosing Admin and Calendar Management along with Social Media. Thoughts anyone. Deb
  14. Welcome and I love your website...gives me lots of ideas at improving mine. Deb
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