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  1. Microsoft Security Essentials is a great one which is highly compatible to Windows7, XP, Vista, or 8. You can get it freely. Else can use AVG which works good.
  2. For any sort of online business you need not have any industry experience, Your online presence and ideas on online marketing strategies, would be enough to start with such an business.
  3. Hire a VA, who can get your presence in social media and frequently make updates there about your business presence in the area and can help finding target clients, approach them either socially interacting them and sending them brochures or your details. Else hire someone to personally meet them, if required.
  4. A VA must have a proper fast internet connectivity, basic microsoft softwares, Time tracking software, accounting/ invoicing software, Cloud computing software, and other business purpose softwares as per the business requirements.
  5. Real people are those who can help others in the time of need, and who are kind and have emphatetical skills. Find a few among your friends then explore more through social media or visiting places.
  6. You seem to be doing all that required for qualifying a telephonic call, but your voice intonnations while you speak is equally important for the other person to understand what kind of person you are. Put your skills in a polite way and tell them that you worth get the job being the best candidate, don't ever talk about skills that you don't possess, be honest and yes you will get it.
  7. Definitely! Linkedin, facebook and GooglePlus, can help get maximum clients.
  8. Fantastic post! Hiring VA would certainly help your growing business needs.
  9. Hi Everyone, I am new to this forum. I hope i will enjoy being here with all you wonderful people.
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