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  1. Hello all! It's been a long time since I've had to use Powerpoint. When I would make a presentation, I would always use "insert new slide" for each slide. When I was watching someone; she made the first slide, then for the next slide she just typed what she wanted on top of the first slide and copied/pasted. She then had to line up the words on the screen. Am I making sense trying to explain this? What is the reasoning for this? Thanks for any help with this! Cathy's Administrative Solutions
  2. Hello ladies, Is anyone here familiar with taxes in the states? I am getting different answers from people. I realize now I should have asked the experts first! I set up my business but have not conducted any business yet. Do I need to do anything end of year? Thanks a lot!
  3. Good morning! Does anyone have a sample introduction to your business letter that I can see? I have been racking my brain and just can't come up with anything that I like. I'm probably being too picky! Thanks a lot!
  4. I am having a hard time finding straight answers. Anyway, do you need a business license to operate a va business from your home? I have already checked with the zoning office for my county and they said that I don't need anything special, but I guess these are two different issues. Also, do you charge sales tax to your clients? Thanks for your help!
  5. I have been a secretary for over 10 years and my position was just eliminated in April. So, I have decided to become my own boss and start a VA business. I have been reading so much on this forum and am learning so much! Of course, everyday I think of a new question!
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