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  1. Hi Kimberley, This sounds excellent, I am very interested and have sent you an email. Many Thanks.
  2. Hello everybody, I am in the process of swiftly setting up as a Virtual Assistant and thought I'd sign up to a forum, thus here I am! I have over 10 years of office administration, and see becoming a Virtual Assistant as a fresh challenge. Additionally I have progressive experience of Desktop Publishing and using Adobe Creative Suite, which I am aiming to offer as a niche service. Currently I work full-time and am working on setting up as a VA on the side, with a view to starting it up part-time. When the time comes, that I feel ready and have developed some client relationships, I plan to make the switch to running full-time (although I will have a 4 week notice period to get through first at my current job, it will at least allow me to commence full marketing campaigns, setting up on Twitter/LinkedIn etc.). Looking forward to learning from everybody here, and possibly even working with some people from here in the future. Have a nice day!
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