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  1. Well, when it comes between choosing Qb hosting or Qb on-line, i would suggest you to go for QB hosting.Here are some points as to why should you opt for qb hosting. First of all, Qb online has very limited features when compared to Qb cloud. Moreover Qb cloud gives the user the same experience as the desktop version. If you are a small business, who do not want to spend extra bucks in technical infrastructure, Qb cloud is the ideal option for you. Qb cloud has more user friendly interface compared to quickbooks online. Mark johnshon
  2. i prefer quickbooks over zero. Because i find the interface very friendly.Qb facilitates more smooth file sync and transfers. We.. , i have seen most of my colleagues using xero, but as far as i am concerned Qb is most used in The united states. Thanks, Mark Johnshon
  3. hi this is mark, looking for info in va
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