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  1. Hello AMichele1 and welcome! I myself do basic bookkeeping for several small businesses in my local community, and I find that some of them don't even really require accounting specific software. Some of them prefer excel spreadsheets. As each client is different, I find it best to examine the client's needs before recommending an approach. The first thing I discuss with the client, is WHO they want to enter the data. If they are going to be entering the data, they need something they can work with, and it won't be helpful if the file "lives" on my pc. I have a few clients who are not very computer savvy, and they find an excel spreadsheet a lot less intimidating than accounting specific software. If they want to enter some, and have me enter some (for example I have a client who does her own invoicing, but has me enter all her receipts/expenses) then it needs to be something we can both access. For this situation, I find something web-based we can both log into is best. Wave is a program I have worked with before. It is *free for basic use, and can be set up to easily process credit cards. If they want to hand the entire process over to me, then I personally prefer Quickbooks. I have the program on my computer, and I am familiar with it. The file can also be sent directly to the accountant
  2. Hello ! I currently use QuickBooks desktop version, and have been curious (but nervous!) about switching to QuickBooks online, thanks to all the wonderful and informative opinions I now have a third option (Quickbooks hosted) to consider and lots of new points to consider! Thank you to everyone for the helpful posts! Sue
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