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  1. Jason, I think the wording or content of your card campaign could be taken from your other marketing content. For example, if you have a website you would make your message consistent with what is on your website. Basically, think about what you would be telling someone if you were talking to them in person. Who are you marketing to? What problem do they need solved? How are you the solution to that problem? Make sure your graphics are consistent with your brand and don't forget to include a call to action. Tell them what to do after they get your card. Visit your website, schedule a consultation, sign up for your newsletter, etc. Looking forward to seeing what you create!
  2. Hi Jason, I have used SendOutCards a couple of times to send postcards to potential clients. I had quite a few people comment in a positive way and several inquiries for more information about my services. The first campaign, I pulled content from my website that showed them what I could help them with. The second campaign was sent for New Year's and was focused on how great their new year could be if they got some help. That also received positive responses. I think there is definitely a place for this in our marketing plan. I've also used SendOutCards to send follow up cards to potential clients. I think it's good to mix things up sometimes. Tawnya talks about using them in the blog: http://www.vanetworking.com/importance-following-up-with-clients/ Good luck! Patricia
  3. Can't believe we're down to the last 2 speakers...it's gone so fast. Love reading everyone's comments in chat.
  4. I know this was over a year ago, lol but just saw your video. Very cool Love starting my day with something positive.
  5. Hi all, I see this is an old thread but am just getting into YouTube a bit more. Here is mine: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQntU8gx3wpraD9g6YpG3IA (Will be checking out the custom URL info tomorrow!)
  6. I use the Microsoft Security Tools and also Malwarebytes and Avast which are all free. (I also backup to an external hard drive at least weekly or more depending on what I'm working on) I like having layers of protection.
  7. Michelle, as you can see you are definitely not alone in feeling fear. What's important is to not let it paralyze you. Not always easy to just push through it. I use a few different techniques to help me out. Activity: My portable exercise bike is my friend, lol. Helps with the anxiety for sure. Meditation: Fortunately, there are many easy to follow instructions out there...even apps for your phone. I only do short ones, but it really does help me. Organization: Having a plan including lists, etc. makes me feel much calmer. I find the action of writing the fear down and thinking of ways to move forward really helps me. Best wishes to you and don't give up!
  8. Hello Everyone! This looks like a great community. My name is Patricia Marcero and I was given about 18 months notice that the corporate office I worked at was going to close. Since the main office is in NH, not practical to make that move from SoCal. Although I have 25+ years administrative and other support in the corporate world, decided I didn't want to go that route anymore. After much research, found the VA world and my daughter and I decided this would be a great career for us moving forward. So we just went 'live' 2 weeks ago with our business, Borderless Administrative Services LLC, and am excited to see what the future holds! We will be starting with general administrative support and adding other services as we go. My daughter already works from home and will be continuing with that job until we get so crazy busy that she can quit that job (Thinking positive here ) I'm looking forward to discovering all the great information on this site and getting to know more of you! https://www.borderlessadministrativeservices.com/ @@borderlessas
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