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  1. Thank you so much for your responding and your suggestions. It's nice to know there is a niche out there for something like this. I've never heard of Travo before, but I will definitely look into it. Thanks again! I'm sure I'll have more questions along the way.
  2. Hello Everyone! I currently work as a subcontractor VA- I pretty much do an Admin role- scheduling, calendar/email management, Data entry, payroll, invoicing, human resource, etc. I am also a part time home based travel agent- I am affiliated with an agency, and i handle all areas of travel (land vacations, cruises, flights, excursions, etc) I would love to get looking at growing a VA business (instead of just being a contractor) and I totally love being a travel agent and wondered would it be a good idea to combine the two together and build a VA travel agent? Is there a niche for something like this? If there is is there somewhere that would be a great place to start? I know this group is full of knowledgeable people and thought I'd reach out to see if this is something that is doable. Thanks so much for your time and enjoy your day/evening Camele
  3. Thanks again for the welcome. Very excited to be here. Welcome Magnolia!!! Thanks Tawnya for the recommendation of Craig's courses. I'll be sure to let him know that he came highly recommended. I hope you don't mind, but I do have another course that I would like to ask if anyone has had experience with taking the Virtual Author's Assistant training by Jan King and if this would be a course recommended in the niche I would like to obtain. This group is really amazing!!!
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome Kathleen. Thank you as well Danielle. I'm all about hands on as well and find that I learn more that way. I'll have to do some more researching. Appreciate your honesty
  5. Hello Everyone! My name is Camele, and I'm a newbie to the VA world from Mississagua ON, Canada and still have a lot to do before I'm fully operational. I've worked in the corporate world for many years and after being downsize 3 times from 2 different companies I realize that being out there is no longer for me. I currently have a client which I've been working with for a while and it was then I decided this would be a great career move for myself. Although my background covers the area of Admin, HR, Payroll, and Customer Service....my true passion is Authors and I've decided that's the niche I would love to be a part of. Currently working out a training plan (to gain more experience especially in this day and age where things have changed incredibly) and will hopefully be able to offer additional services to my profile in the months to come. I would like to ask a question: I've been searching for courses and I found "Online Book Marketing Specialist" course as well as "Desktop Publishing Specialist " with VAClassroom and was wondering if anyone has taken any of them and their thoughts. The course outline sounds really good and right up my alley in where I want to go with my business, but it's always nice to get advice and opinions for those who have experience. Very excited to being apart of this awesome forum!
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