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  1. Hi Fellow Virtual Assistants, Newbies, Wish-I-Weres, and I'm-gunna-bees. I'm new to the Insider Club but not to being an online assistant/Professional Organizer. I joined VA Insiders after attending this past spring's online VA Conference (an experience I highly recommend for anyone considering becoming a VA). The motivation and momentum kept me going for months. As fate would have it however, I've gotten stuck in my business development process and can't exactly put my finger on what it is....Ok, so I have some ideas, but maybe don't think or feel like other VAs can relate. When I attend the monthly group coaching sessions, I sit waaaay in the back of class behind the virtual book shelf and quietly take notes and listen. Occasionally I may add humor (anxiety easer) as I sense that I'm not alone in the bookshelf section. Lady Tawnya must know about this section because she makes it a point to call everybody out and put's our doings in Asana - freaks me out/don't know why, it's the stuck thing that I can't fully explain in full affect... At any rate, I still give myself and fellow VAs encouragement and reminders to be patient and honest. I have a shell of a Wordpress website that I'd love one-on-one feedback, comments, chats, pointers etc. My goals this week include getting 10 home-made business cards printed, 1 blog article completely written, and some pictures uploaded from my cellphone - baby steps, baby steps, baby steps...
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