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  1. Good Morning VANetworking. My name is Rosie Stermer from Dallas, TX. I have been an EA for 25 years and am ready to switch to being a VA! I’ve been researching / setting up my business for the past several months and am getting very close to start networking for clients. Initially I will continue to work my full time job, transitioning to full time VA as my client list builds. I’m married (for 33 years) and have one grown child (28 year old son). My interested in becoming a VA actually started a few years ago when we began to seriously look at our retirement plans. My husband is a few years older then I and our plan is to retire as soon as he reaches retirement age. As part of this master retirement plan, several years, ago we purchased a house on a lake in northern Michigan. When hubby retires we plan on moving north. I would like to continue to work but the economy at our lake house is not conducive to my current occupation. After months or research on various options, I decided being a VA fit the bill perfectly. I’m starting my business now knowing it will take several years to get it fully up to speed. Thanks for all the wonderful information on this site. It has been very helpful in getting set up. I would be interested in meeting other VA’s from the Dallas area; please let me know if you would be willing to meet for a cup of coffee somewhere. I have some questions on how specific tasks translate from corporate to virtual world.
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