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  1. Hi my name is Jessica Hamilton. My business webpage is partnerpanow.com. I started working as a VA in April. When I started I had no idea what to do, then I read a book on being a VA and did things the right way. I live in Woodward, OK. I am married to a wonderful man named Dan. We have two girls. My oldest who is 3 is Katie, and then there is Charly who is 3 months old. I dont have any hobbies or anything. I tried alot of different things though. Crotchet, painting, drawing, sculpting, bowling, singing... None of them really worked out for me. I'm 21 and just found something I enjoy doing. I'm finding it difficult to get clients. I do general administrative things and for some reason no one wants to hire me. I mention my website and business and they shut down and decline my applications. Its probably the sites I'm using, but I don't know where else to go. I've been spreading my name all over town and in surrounding areas with no luck. It will get better though. I just know it.
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