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  1. I use the All in One SEO plugin for my sites. It is a little bit easier to navigate and such I find for those just starting out. I haven't dived into both of the plugins to see just how much is different between the two of them because I like the one I use and it looked pretty similar upon first glance. Anyone else know the big differences between the two? Should I switch?
  2. Hey all. Just a quick question for you. I have been contemplating adding bookkeeping to my services and have been watching Ben Robinson's free webinar series. For day 2 he recommended Xero over QuickBooks and I just wondered what other opionions were. I have used QuickBooks a little, FreshBooks a little(for myself), and was trained a long time ago with Simply Accounting(is that even around anywhere anymore? LOL) So if I do not have to spend time learning a new system, it might give my brain a break, Not sure about you but I already have a list of things to study and every day it seems like I find something else to bookmark and get back to. So what I was wondering was if you all could just share the pros, cons and what-not for each so I could have a better understanding before making a decision. Thanks! I appreciate it.
  3. I think we have all had a client like that once or twice. I would definitely go with what Tawyna said as well. I remember the first time I had to step out of my comfort zone and be straight up with a demanding client. But that is one of the benefits of running your own business. You are the boss. If clients can't respect your boundaries and guidelines, than they have no one else to blame when they find themselves without any help in the end. There is no reason why we should be run ragged or pulling our hair out because they dropped the ball. It's not like your client didn't have the time. We all have stuff going on in our lives. If we are going to run a business, it is our responsibility to manage it. If he could not, he should have either had better communication with you or found another solution. Three times missing a deadline is not an "oopsy" in my book but rather a pattern of disregard. Hope it all works out for you in the end.
  4. Youtube is pretty good if you can get the videos created and uploaded. I have a few on there and am working on making more. But I have a friend who spends most of her energy with that and has hundreds of videos(mostly training her team members in her network marketing program) and over the last 2 or 3 years has gone from like 10 people a day to 5000 a day to her site. She has also seen her income increase by 10x. I have been blogging for years(7 I think?) but only over the last year or so have I gone back and done some changes by adding better keywords and internal linking. If I stay consistent and blog at least once a week, I see the difference in visitor numbers. But it is definitely a LOT harder now to rank and get visitors without spending money since so many new people are starting up online. I will keep testing and tweaking as we all must do I suppose.
  5. I have used a few of the ones mentioned here as well. Some of them only allowed so many pages to be converted with the free version. That didn't help when I had a 25 page report to modify and could only convert up to 5 pages. Other ones could not read the encryptions in the format depending on how you saved your pdf in the first place and with what program. I found when I stopped trying to convert docs from Word and started using Open Office, I didn't have the same problems when trying to convert the pdf back. Just my 2 cents,
  6. I agree. When I first started out, I spent hours on those freelance sites(elance, freelancer, odesk-now upwork, guru, etc) and while I did get a few gigs here and there, I found the most I could earn was like $8hr. Since minimum wage in my own province was more than that at the time, it seemed like a waste of time. Sure, I could stay home and save a few bucks for child care and transportation, but I had spent money going to school and getting a degree for a reason. It was disheartening. By far the best way to find clients willing to pay your rates are through places like the VA Organizations like Tawyna said.
  7. I too, can relate, as I am sure, most VAs can. It is natural to feel FEAR when we try to go after our dreams. I would probably be more alarmed or concerned if I did not feel that way. Networking is my big issue! I am an introvert. While I grew up in a big family and love being around people, I can only talk comfortably one on one, and never when I am trying to maintain composure or "sell" myself. I KNOW what I am capable of. I am sure you do too. Just try to keep reminding yourself of your "WHY" and if you need to, meditate each morning or listen to some motivation audios or videos before you begin your day. I find they really help, especially on those days where you feel the world closing in and like you just won't make the cut for the baseball team. I like the quote Mark gave as well. "Fear knocked on the door. Faith answered. And no one was there." It's true. Just like the old saying goes about success. Success is right around the corner, but if you don't keep going, you'll never find it. And another one "Nothing worthwhile in life is easy". So come on now! 10 Jumping Jacks, 10 Deep Breaths, and let's get back in the game!!!!
  8. Just wanted to pop in here again and see if debbie got things straightened out yet or not. Have you decided on a domain name, and idea for your website? Have you made any new contacts yet for your new line of work?
  9. Welcome to the forum! We hope you have a good time networking and sharing tips and your experiences with us.
  10. Awesome! What type of ecommerce platforms are you familiar with? Do you recommend any one in particular? If so, why? I look forward to hearing more from you and will be sure to check out your tech training too on the inside.
  11. I guess it all depends on the type of skills you are looking to hone. If you are looking to be able to make more money as a freelance writer or along those lines, there are a few blogs that I follow religiously because they offer SO MUCH valuable information. You may or may not have heard about them. I know Carol Tice has her Freelance Writer's Den courses. I haven't tried any yet but am on the waiting list to get in when she opens it up again. In the meantime, her blog is http://www.makealivingwriting.comif you could grab a few goodies off there. Bamidele Onibalusi from http://writersincharge.com is awesome too. Hope you can find something to help you out. Sorry I couldn't help you out with something local though.
  12. I'm not sure if you got any technical help yet but I thought I would put a link to my youtube video where I share how to change your DNS nameservers. If you still have questions after watching the video, you can contact me and I can help walk you through perhaps on Skype or a Google Hangout(where I can show you my screen or you can show me yours).
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