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  1. Hi Erica, welcome! The members at VAnetworking are very supportive so I am sure you will have a great time here .
  2. Hi Mark: Thanks for taking the time to respond. Your advice is really great and I like the step by step breakdown. I am interested in personal development, social media and internet marketing so I could focus on those coaches. I am not yet ready to work with executive coaches because they are way above my current level of expertise. I am in groups on Linked, Facebook and Google+ and agree with Danielle that sometimes they get self-promoting and spammy but very often they offer great tips. Usually I read the posts and like or follow the persons but didn't really get involved that much. It just means I need to interact more. I will keep everyone posted but realistically it will take some months before I get any real progress. I will have a look at the links to other forum posts you shared too. Thanks for your help. Thank you too Tawyna! Regards, Tamara
  3. Hi Tawyna: Thanks for your reply. I understand more clearly now so that means I could search for entrepreneur/business groups or marketing groups to join. I already joined a few on LinkedIn and Facebook from last year but sometimes they move so fast it's hard to keep up. I know Linked, Facebook and Google+ groups do not have a signature area. So do you mean online forums like this one? Do you know of any of them that I could join? Thanks, Tamara
  4. Hi Fellow VAs: I am hoping for some clarification about how to build KLT (Know, Like & Trust) to get my target audience, coaches, speakers and authors, to buy my services. I hear the suggestion often that I should join groups they belong to and give free tips and over time they will get to KLT. However, if I am not a coach and not training to become a coach then how would I be able to join their groups? Aren't those groups specifically for coaches? If I join the group and they are discussing coaching topics then how would I be able to suggest free tips about the services I offer? Should I just start sharing information off-topic? What would the group owner think if I only join to share free tips to promote my services? I might be clashing with the main purpose of the group. I don't have any background experience in marketing so I am a bit confused about how to go about doing this! I am thinking it might be best to form my own group and then invite them to join it. What are your thoughts? Thanks for your help. Tamara
  5. I liked all the pages in this post. Great work, everyone! Please visit and like mine too, https://www.facebook.com/TamaraWilliamsVAServices Thank you.
  6. Hi Everyone: I am a new Virtual Assistant. My name is Tamara Williams and I am from Kingston, Jamaica. I came across this forum on one of my many Google searches. I came across persons in the industry last year so I setup my WordPress website from July 2014. You can see it here, http://tamarawilliamsvaservices.com. However, it is very challenging because I am new to the VA industry as well as to being an entrepreneur. I am standing at the bottom of a steep hill for this learning curve so I am hoping to get as much help as possible from my peers. You can learn more about me here, http://tamarawilliamsvaservices.com/about-virtual-assistant. However, I really want to be my own boss. So I decided to take it step by step. I decided not to start a LLC but to plan to do it part-time as an independent contractor. That way I can get practical experience before setting up a business. My background is in I.T. but I am not interested in offering any of those services. So far based on the blogs I follow, webinars I watched and some help from peers I set up my list of services. The ones I have so far are: WordPress Blog Posting Email Newsletter Setup and Creation eBook (PDF) Creation and Formatting Content Submission for e.g. videos, slideshows PowerPoint Presentation Creation and Formatting Internet Research Content Writing Social Media Marketing (Pipeline) You can see them here: http://tamarawilliamsvaservices.com/virtual-assistant-services/. I even joined the IVAA too. I have been reading so much online that I haven't gotten around to reading their materials but plan to do that soon. You can see my profile here: https://ivaa.org/profile-display/?id=3859 Other VAs suggested that I could focus on Coaches, Speakers and Authors as my target audience. So they are my target right now. I haven't gotten any clients as yet because I don't have the marketing and sales skills but I am hoping to soon. It's like being in a catch-22 because I need clients so that I can have money to spend on training myself. However, I plan to search the forums for some tips about finding free job boards or internships or joining a VA team or so on. If you want to connect then you can reach me below: Email: tamarawilliamsvaservices@gmail.com Website: http://tamarawilliamsvaservices.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/TammyWilliams09 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TamaraWilliamsVAServices Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/100257139232862228812/100257139232862228812/posts Thanks for your support. I am looking forward to meeting more of my peers! Have a great week! Best Regards, Tamara Williams
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