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  1. I'm 21 miles south of six flags by St Clair MO and would enjoy actually meeting others in this industry! Let me know if you get something set up or need any help doing so. Rob
  2. Hi! I'm still alive! LOL! I've been working on getting all my stuff up and going! Got sick of the corporate gig and said to hell with it and went and got a business loan and started staying home at the begining of August. I have over 15 yrs admin experience in the military and corporate world so I know all too well what it is like to be one of a few. Yes @markofapproval people do tend to question a males ability when they see you are an admin but then I show them what I'm capable of and kill that worry! I am kind of purplexed when I see people trying to get into this side of the industry and don't know what to do. I think you should at least have some administrative backgroud or you're really just an IT person. I plan to offer some admin services along with web design (Went to school for it) and photography (30 yrs experience). I think I will do alright even as a male since I have confidence in my abilities and determination not to fail. Zuke
  3. Your not that alone! Tawnya that explains A LOT! I have been wondering why everywhere I was going and looking and reading was geared toward woman and moms etc. a 5% figure would explain that! I have also noticed that in my corporate life! Only a few male EA's surrounded by many female and you tend to get overlooked. Not only am I a man trying to get into the VA game but I am single so I only have the one income and that is a major concern as to when you will feel ready to make the jump and quit the guaranteed paycheck!
  4. LOL! I am a web designer and I will not even start thinking about touching anything from scratc, wordpress, whatever for less than $500! If you are going to offer this service you really need to look at design forums no offense but if you do know what you are doing that 200-300 is just shooting yourself in the foot
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