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  1. As Virtual Assistants, we're often asked to use MS Word to create some sort of document. Most of the time (at least in my experience) the client you're working with won't need anything out of the ordinary and we manage to accomplish the task to a very high standard and to the satisfaction of our client. These clients would be the majority. Every now and then, I wonder how many of us have had situations come up when a client's needed something out of the ordinary and we are left struggling to complete the task. Sometimes, when you hit a problem in Word, it's difficult to find the solution, so we spend hours of our time that we can't charge our client for while trying to figure out ways of making the document work. I'm curious to know what you see your clients having difficulty with when it comes to Word and also what features of Word you'd like to learn more about or perfect so next time you get a tricky document, you won't need to spend those unchargeable hours getting it to work.
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