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  1. Hey! Really good to "meet" you I'm a bit of a VA Virgin too so nice to be able to relate! Although I've spend the entire year doing a stack of reading and researching there's still to learn any many skills to pick up associated with running your own business! Here is a great place to start though, I totally share your enthusiasm for being thankful to find this place! Good luck with your journey! Ros. x
  2. Oh lordy... just installed BPS as a firewall and it seems you need a degree to understand the settings...
  3. Thank you loads for sharing, Mark - I gotta say, naively, I hadn't even thought of backing my website up! Jeeeez, there is a LOT to learn!!! I'll be checking these links out pronto!!
  4. Same for me too, Sandra, although no error, just the video didn't start - blank screen
  5. Bless your hearts, thank you so much! I was reading about PLR - wow! I will get this! I've found some new-found determination to succeed in this industry and your words will really help me, thank you both x It is a little over-whelming yes but I've got my pen and paper at the ready today with my 'Absolutely Must To Do List' I'm gonna give it my best shot, I mean it's just social media, right?
  6. Me too, longnhvietnam! It's tough! I've learned something from you though thank you: Content is King; Sharing is Queen. I haven't written any of my own content yet at all - I wouldn't know how to! I do just want to get stuck in but this media lark is a real sticking point for me too :-(
  7. Hey Michal, Good luck with your VA journey, look forward to hearing all about it! Love your website too, it's simple and clutter free, good work! All the best, Ros. x
  8. Really struggling with this Social Media lark - do you guys write all your own material; how did you start/where did you start? Is it acceptable to keep sharing other people's content for a while while I write my own content - I have no idea where to start and it may be hindering me starting up the actual business. Sorry if this sounds frantic (not my intention) and any help is massively appreciated. I've read so much on the topic, I feel a bit overwhelmed and am probably over-thinking things. As always, thanking you in advance. Ros. x
  9. And thanks Kimmer - good advice, gone straight to the settings and switched to "Everyone", and managed to "like" your page, Andrea by clicking on the icon to the left of your post Now.... Next step - must get my signature sorted on this profile of mine! Night folks! Ros. x www.rlsva.com
  10. This is a wonderful, wonderful thread; I wouldn't have thought of asking for "likes" on here (although sadly, there's not a lot to like on my Facebook page at the moment and that is why I've joined you on this forum - desperately need to gen up on Social Media and fast!). However, I've liked you all and if you've got a spare couple of minutes to like mine I would be massively appreciative - need to get this SM ball off the ground with a VAnetworking kickstart!! https://www.facebook.com/rlsvirtualassist Thanking you in advance x
  11. Well, I'm late to the party as usual but Sarah, what a great intro that was...2012, I know but time is inconsequential when I'm reading a great post. I'm loving reading how many introverts there are out there doing this job too! I am a total introvert, I can drive a double-decker bus (did do for a year, anyway) and I'm also a qualified welder! Hoping to bring the post back alive since I'd love to learn more about my fellow VAs (or aspiring VAs like me) and what makes them tick! x
  12. Thank you Sarah! I need all the help I can get with this social media lark! Bookmarked! x
  13. You're welcome, m'lovely! The DaftPunk video has been removed from my site - your point about it's title being not what you'd expect from a VA website was too valid!! x
  14. I liked it too actually, Susan, thanks for sharing! There's definitely a place in the world for straight-talking advice givers!
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