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  1. Hi, I need your help. I am currently helping this startup Shopify client with his store. Now it's been two months since he mentions about publishing officially. We've targeted last week only to find out he wants to have the theme logo and products being repaired or changed again. My questions are I have a contract with him without mentioning the modifications. The past weeks I feel like going back and forth with the changes is draining all my energy (I am currently pregnant). This person really cannot make up his mind. He is a good paying client but so far I feel this power play and somehow calling me stupid is getting me on my nerves. Should I make a Modifications contract on top of the contract we agreed on? Should it be me who should be specific on what tasks I do or him? Should I charge him for the changes he wants? Or am I being too particular about this? I need your thoughts on this. Thanks
  2. Hi, I want to know if you're a VA for a long time and want to level up on your field. Would a certification be necessary like IAAP or ASAP? I was looking into these options the other day because I have admin experience. I am not so sure if that kind of certifications would help me. I am not looking into an office position. It's like an added credentials for me. Now I am based in the US not in the Philippines. I would be glad to accept any suggestions, concerns, and questions. Thanks
  3. Hi, I am helping a friend to find a client for her. Does anyone knows anybody looking for a fulltime or part time legal assistant? I would really appreciate it. Thank you.
  4. Sure, I will. Thought, it will take me a lot of time since I am also working.
  5. I mean Virtual Assistants who serve Online Educators/Professors in colleges and universities.
  6. Hi, I recently talked with a friend who is a professor in his field and asked me if there are any virtual teaching assistants? I haven't encountered one. I made a research online and saw some options online. It was new for me. I am trying to gather information as much as possible because I am not knowledgeable about this field. Just trying to help here. Any thoughts?
  7. are you still looking for clients in this industry?
  8. Hi, I know from someone who is in the Construction industry. Still I am trying to know whether she needs a virtual assistant. I will update you on the progress. Let's cross our fingers and hope this will push through.
  9. Thank you for welcoming me. I've been super busy. Ecommerce is complicated and purely technical. I just love it. I hope Philippines is your next travel destination.
  10. My name is Ivy Jordan from Cebu, Philippines. It's great to be a part of the vanetworking site. This is a great site. One thing about me is that I have been a virtual assistant for one year particularly in the field of ecommerce. How are you?
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