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  1. If anyone is still looking for a form, I found 40 free samples on this site: http://www.hloom.com/credit-card-authorization-form-template/. Hope it helps someone!
  2. Word, work, and work! No vacation until we are alive
  3. Congratulation on achieving this landmark. I can understand your happiness as I have experienced that years back.
  4. Not yet but this thread has motivated me to have one
  5. Being a wordpress developer I have found bluehost as the best service provider.
  6. I prefer asana and I am working in collaboration with my colleagues for more than 2 years using asana.
  7. I am at oDesk for the last 2+ year and have done pretty good in full time jobs and part time ones too. In the light of my experience I don't think there is any difficulty in balancing your time as you are working from your home comfort. I further suggest, don't try to be jack of all trades. Instead, sit back and think about your areas of expertise and go for the most appropriate job that is well suited with your working skills. Wishing you all the best!
  8. I think Gmail is the most reliable mailing service at the moment. Formerly, I used to use yahoo but for the last 3 years I am on gmail and feeling very comfortable with it.
  9. These days, the best way to sell your services is working as freelancer. Join a freelancing site and pick the job you are fit in. Hoping you all the best.
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