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  1. Thanks for the Welcome everyone!! I have been soaking up so much information my head is spinning..lol..but it has been very helpful and informative!! Im currently working on my website, very exciting!
  2. Hell Everyone! First I would like to say that I'm so excited about this association that I have found! I am a single mother of 3 AMAZING boys; my oldest son is 6yrs old and I have TWIN BOYS that are 3!! Honestly I'm sure I have hobbies but I don't really have much time to engage in them if they don't involve my kids My ultimate goal is to be my own boss so I can have more time to focus on my family. My career background is a little broad but I have always gained administrative skills throughout my life, with being in school and working for various companies where I utilized a lot of my administrative skills. I have struggled for a long time trying to figure out what I really wanted to do and I'm still on that path, when I discovered this VA industry I thought to myself...this is something I can see myself doing...sooo here I am. Im confident that I have the skills and determination to embark on this journey and I so glad I found this network to help me along the way. Any suggestions and words of encouragement are greatly appreciated! Thanks for having me!!
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