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  1. Hi Rosa, As a suggestion.. since I am not awre of the opportunities for you in your area, you can join/ or create a networking group of women professionals .. If you happen to join a well established networking group that has number of chapters, see what opportunities are available to volunteer for in that chapter.. As Tawnya mentioned about a great way to enhance skills , credibility and receive testimonials. Tawyn has a great wealth of skills and suggestions of her VA business to share her knowledge with us.. Good Luck Rosa, Looking forward to hearing more about the mentoring and your volunteering in the VA industry.
  2. Welcome to VA Networking , I understand that chamelon on the smartie box, resonated with me! I too have lots of information gathered, just trying to find the time to read it all, not enough hours in the day. Lots of good resources and great people here to help you along the way.. Looking forward to hearing more about your VA journey!
  3. Welcome Paige to VAneting , looking forward to hearing more of what you do! Teri the Admin Maven
  4. Hello Betty Welcome to VAneting! Your bringing a weath of experience to your VA businesses that you've honed through your working years.. Looking forward to seeing the website and domain name! I'm sure Tawnya or someone can point you in the right direction for your Logo... not my area either!. Warm wishes Teri the Admin Maven
  5. Hello Meadowslp, Welcome to VAnetworking lots of free information in the forums and resources available too, looking forward to hearing more about your business.
  6. Welcome to VA Networking , there are lots of information available thru the resources as well and in the forums.. If you can't find something post the question then soneome will be able to assist you or direct you where to find the information..
  7. Welcome Melanie, Looking forward to hearing more about your new business journey, lots of resources free and paid as well as a treasure trove of information in the forums.!
  8. Welcome Akbar, We look forward to any tips that you may share from your experience working with VA's!
  9. Welcome Debbie to VANetworking! There a number of resources available to you some free and some paid.. and everyone is great , helping you along on your journey , don't forget to check out the forms and search to see if there are others with similar niches.. Teri
  10. Welcome Francesca and your partner Bill! Looking forward to hearing more about your business journey:)
  11. Congratulations Ashley, on a great start to your business and welcome to VANetworking.com lots of resources available and people to share ideas!
  12. Welcome Felicia , You've joined a great VAnetworking.com group with lots of resources and assistance available for just about anything.. Just ask, there are newby VA's to long established VA's with a multitude of skill set tto help you .
  13. Welcome Juli , Great having you hear in the VAnetworking.com Group, there are alot of free and small fee resources in the group as well as everyone is gret at helping one another! Looking forward to hearing more about your growing business! Teri
  14. Hello Samantha... Welcome to the group, looking forward to hearing more from you as your grow your business.. Teri
  15. Hi Mel, Great to have you here, now that your not lurking.. there are alot of free and some small fee resources that are available to help you ... Teri
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