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  1. Hi Tawnya, Yes, I'm not too far! Actually, lived in White Rock (love it!) for about 5 years before moving to Vancouver for school. Have been teaching in Delta for the last eight/nine years... But ready for a change and to drop the commute. Am looking forward to VAVS (the last one was my first and was great!) and a get-together would be fun! I'd love to meet you and Danielle and others in person. Thanks for all the great resources and work that you do for the industry! See you all online next week.
  2. Hi Danielle, Thanks! I'm in Vancouver, B.C. Looking forward to connecting and sharing with other VAs on this great site!
  3. Hello, My name is Leah and I currently own and run a VA business called Virtual Essentials. I live in Vancouver and am a former high-school teacher turned VA... I have done everything from event planning (currently planning a book launch) to admin, social media, website design, training and translation (English, French, German). Have a long history of writing, editing and proofreading (work I have done in the summers for many years) but officially launched my VA business in January 2013. You can find me at: www.virtualessentialsonline.com www.twitter.com/VirtualEssentia www.facebook.com/virtualessentialsonline Looking forward to VA Virtuosos in November and in the meantime, feel free to check out Virtual Essentials or say hi!
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