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  1. I use simply accounting Canadian addition but am finding that very few small businesses here use it so I just took on QuickBooks too. Now I have both so I can do either!
  2. Hi Everyone I am very new to the VA world and just starting to get things organised. I have 2 clients coming on board right away that want me to handle client correspondence for them. One such task would be sending out Christmas Cards. I am wondering how you transfer your clients client data back and forth and how you store customer details so that you can pull address, phone and e-mail ect. Is there an easy way to put this into word for mail merge? Thanks Jackie
  3. Thanks Everyone I probably should have elaborated a bit more. I know what is involved with starting a business, I was lucky enough to be involved in a government funded self employment program last year and I have another business already running. What I am not sure on is what I should be including on my list of services. I took book-keeping back in England and have been doing the accounts paperwork for my other business so I figured basic book keeping would be on the list. Other than that I am not sure what to include in my services. Calendar Management is something that one of my potential clients wants me to do and I am sure I could but I have never done it before so what software would I use for that? I also assume I would be able to organise functions, events and travel, but again I have not needed to do that before so is this just something I run with? How about reporting.... I have done plenty of that in my time using excel, but usually the spreadsheets are already designed and I do the data entry and pull reports. I am worried about something needed not being in my scope.
  4. Hi Everyone I have just made the decision to become a VA! I have been in the Customer Service field for over 20 years, running front line and call centre teams, coaching, mentoring and leading. I have been the "person" behind successful managers, providing support in the form of reporting, analysis, connecting, and organising but I have never been an actual EA or admin assistant. I have 2 clients ready to go, looking for basic book-keeping support, CRM, email and calendar management and social media help. I have huge experience with strategy and would like to incorporate this into the VA services so I would be helping clients to set goals and stay on track, look at areas of strength and weakness in their business so they have clear pictures to move forward with and be able to focus on what they do best! I guess my first question would be where on earth do you start? What should be my first priority? Jackie
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