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  1. Hi All, My name is Donna Marie Haymes, and I own "Donna's Secretarial Service, a VA, Graphic Design, and Typing Company located in beautiful Philadelphia, PA. I have been in business since 2000 with almost 25+ years' experience working in Corporate America. I am a know-it-all-all-around-Gal-Friday! We do excellent work and have helped hundreds of busy CEOs and small business owners and individuals. If you have too much work on your plate, please call me (1-855-366-6271) or donnassecretarialservice@gmail.com or visit my website www.DonnasSecretarialService.com or blog - https://donnassecretarialservice.wordpress.com for more details. ( click on Donna's graphic design samples too). As I help my Clients, I can help you too! (I will add a discount of $5.00/hr. for any outsourced work received). God bless. Donna Marie Haymes Donna's Secretarial Service
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