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  1. Hi: My name is Vicki and I have 27+ years of Administrative/Clerical/Data Specialist and Customer Relations experience. I have worked for a major airline where the management asked me to take the lead in a new department because they knew that quite frankly, I am a self-starter and not afraid of change.​ ​ I have also worked for a global travel management company, where customer relations was priority, while focusing on issue resolution and on-time delivery. I have worked for a local dairy handling customer inquiries, collections and general accounting responsibilities. I started my work history by working for a local school system where communication with staff and the general public was key.​ Miss Tawnya, I spoke with you a week or so ago. Thank you so much for calling me. I registered previously as Suthrngirl51 (have new tools and new email - so here I am!) I have my website up (almost-issue with Domain and Hosting package that I'm working on! Solutions!!) Just a little about me personally: I am a Christian - and a single Mom. (who needs to get working - like now..right now!! I am a Survivor of Domestic Abuse and the dreaded words Breast Cancer. I am here today (7 year survivor) by the grace of the One above! No, don't feel sorry for me...the keyword is Survivor!! I believe it is vital to not only have impeccable communication skills but also listening skills, in order to give full attention to the customer or client, all while providing a professional demeanor, especially during what may be stressful situations. I can tell you from my past positions, all have been beat-the-clock and pressure cooker environments that could 'spin' around on a dime. I learned to multi-task and prioritize. With jobs hard to come by in today's world and because quite simply I need to feed my children, I decided why not start my own business. BIG ISSUE - This is where I believe the word SOLUTION is so essential! My experience has not only been about meeting those deadlines that we all face on the job, but also in troubleshooting job-related issues, with the next steps of offering solutions and then to implementing those solutions into action plans. I also have a passion for writing. I have written along-side other writers/authors on a social media website in an encouragment forum. It was very rewarding to interact with the general public with my personal goal of encouraging and hopefully providing inspiration. With this being said, I also would be available for any creative writing or ghost writing/articles or blog posting that you might need! My skills also include Administrative Support tasks including data entry, typing, receptionist skills. the thread through-out my 27 years is Customer Relations. My personal goal is to provide excellent communications both in writing and either via the phone or via Skype or other conferencing tool. I am very exciting to be here among all of YOU wonderful VA's and I look forward in learning which is also so important. I plan to be a sponge and soak up as much knowledge here as my brain will allow. I hope you will say hello. You can contact me also at Vicki-sasolutions@outlook.com Remember, if there an office related issue, there is a solution! I am about finding and implementing those SOLUTIONS! If anyone here needs help - even for a few hours on a task that you are overwhelmed with, I would love to speak with you. Regards, Vicki
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