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  1. Hi everyone, Is anybody on Wind Mobile in Canada? Thinking of dropping Telus due to high costs and lack of choices. Thanks
  2. Hi, Has anyone in Canada ever done a cost comparison chart...employee vs VA or something similar? Tks, MIchelle Weidema
  3. HI everyone, I've been seeing lots of ads asking for good writing skills. Any suggestions on where to take courses in Metro Vancouver? Thanks, Michelle Weidema
  4. Hi Teri Thanks for the response. Once my website is ready, I'll be asking for input. Cheers! Michelle
  5. Hi everyone! I'm actually from Delta which is just outside of Vancouver... I'll be entering the VA world this Summer. I come from a lengthy EA/ Admin Mgr background covering 4 industries including lastly the City of Vancouver (was Admin Manager on the Olympic Village Project for several years but that contract came to an end) and then moved to the Fraser Health Authority (Provincial) when it occurred to me that I'm an Entrepreneur at heart. When I was laid off from Fraser Health, it was a blessing in disguise. Knowing what I wanted to do is one thing...knowing HOW to setup that business was another. I've done much research over the last many months, checked into training and realized that I'm just going to have to do it but will do one more thing before I begin... I will be starting the Small Business Program sponsored by the Provincial and Federal government and after 8 weeks, my business will open! This means, that I'll have to update all my skills somewhere in there too! I'm nervous but so looking forward to being my own boss! The support from my family is awesome! My Dutch hubby and my two kids (son is 22 and daughter is 18) is fabulous! They really want me to do well and that makes me happy. Now I just wish that they would cook would be the cherry on top of everything!! LOL! I'm at a point in my life where I need to make a big change and this is it. Entering the VA world has shown me already that the support for each other is out of this world. Nowhere in the corporate world do you feel/receive so much emotional support than with the VAs. Once my website and FB are available, I will update this post. Look forward to meet you!
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