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  1. I have attended many VAVS but do not think I have ever done this part of it, the Forum. Can't believe that. Well, I am from Vancouver, BC, Canada. I have been a VA off and on for about 20 years working as a transcriptionist. What I offer is the usual transcription work (from recorded events being meetings, webinars, for authors working on their books) but one of the things I do that is different is that I am able to transcribe from live events with an 80% accuracy. Some of my clients like the 80% for immediate access and then I can go to the recording to give them the full transcript. This makes it a good fit for conventions, meetings and webinars where they may want the gist of what happened so they can prepare for the next day. Also I am now going to be more diverse by working with family tree enthusiasts and/or scrapbookers. The transcription is going to be used talking to anyone who has a story or many stories to tell that they would like their family in the future to be able to know about them. I can prepare a story in a frame or many stories in a coil bound book.
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