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  1. I have registered my company name and domain name. I plan to have my business cards and tri-fold info pamphlets completed by the end of next week, and my website up and running by the second week of December. As soon as Christmas is over I will be out pounding the pavement and running ads in local papers. Did I miss anything? I'm currently on mat. leave and I have 7 more months. I really hope to have a good indication of whether or not this is going to work out for me in that time. I am not afraid of hard work and will be putting in lots of hours. Do you think this is a realistic expectation?
  2. I'm also new to the VA world. I live north of Toronto, Ontario. I just finished registering my business name, web and email addresses. I am currently working on my business plan. I hope to start marketing myself hard-core as soon as I get through the Holiday season. By then I should have my website up, and my hard-copy marketing materials designed and printed. I am currently on maternity leave and have 7 more months to go. I'm hoping to have things up and swinging by the time my leave is over so I know for sure if this is going to be lucrative or not. Do you think 7 months is a realistic timeline?
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