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  1. Good morning Everyone, so after spending this morning looking up independent hotels/motels that may need service in budgeting, forecasting, revenue management, or back office operations, I wanted to know if sending an email to prospective businesses is a good way to generate leads? With a baby on the way I wanted to reach out to as many of these properties as possible, while also being able to give them an overview of what I have to offer through my website. Would this be the best way to go about it? Or should I call these properties to see if there is any need for support? I know that when I worked as the GM i had multiple hates for my independent property and even if someone was able to take one of those hats it would have made my life a lot easier there.
  2. My summer has been very busy and exciting. I got fired from my General Manager position, then found a job back with Hilton Hotels the next day. I took a major pay cut but since it is not a 24/7 job I have more free time with my kids and family (baby Julianna will be here this Thursday!). I have also decided to start my VA business, the last 2 weeks have been full of reading books on my kindle app and I know exactly what needs to be done to get things running. My big thing right now is focusing on what areas of VA I want to specialize in. That has been tough to decide on typing jobs, writing for sports websites (which i love sports but think it may be hard to find a job unless its in this area), and social media management. Right now I am starting to get the word of mouth out there to friends and family. Once our bills are caught up I plan on becoming a VA insider! I would like to use even more of the resources on here since I have found this site to be as helpful as 1,000 books rolled into one!
  3. Thank you Tawnya! I am going to focus on that! Ready to get things started!
  4. Good afternoon everyone! so I have sat down with my wife and decided that I eventually want to open up my own hotel management company (10 year goal is the plan). I currently have 7 years of hospitality experience, and while working towards that main goal I wanted to start a freelance business as a revenue manager (5 months of experience being a general manager at an independent property here in Odessa), or as a hotel operations consultant. My question is, could there be an area for this type of work as a VA? Is the hospitality industry a strong market to look at to work from home depending on the aspect of the business I will be helping? I ask that because at the motel we had an accountant who managed both of the owner's properties mainly from home and was great at it. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated!
  5. I'm looking to get into the industry with a specialization in hospitality. I have 7 years in hotel front office roles and have even been the general manager of a property, so I definitely feel my knowledge can help a lot of people. It just seems to me that I would have to focus on independent hotels and motels, since a lot of the major brands have their own support teams.
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