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  1. To all those seasoned VAs, I am just starting out and I received an email from a potential client. He is a website designer and works with start up businesses. And majority of the time his clients need content written for their sites. This is where I would come in. His question to me was if he should refer me directly to his clients to have their content written or if we should work together as a team. What would you do? Also, would you offer a flat rate or hourly rate as each project has different requirements. Any advise is appreciated!! Thanks you
  2. Thanks Danielle. Do you offer a package rate or hourly for blog management?
  3. Any suggestions on how to charge for blogs or content writing for websites? Package rates or hourly? Plus, if it is for blogs some individuals require start to finish (ie. Research, writing, photos, posting etc). While others may just want their blogs written for them. How do I differentiate pricing? Do I have two separate rates? Any help and guidance is appreciated!!
  4. Hi all, I am new to VA Networking and hope to learn a lot from the Forums. I have a full time job and have been doing some freelance content writing for a couple of clients on the side. I am trying to have the VA business take off and eventually move it from part time to full time. I want to know if it's okay for me to continue as a freelancer under my own name or should I register a business name? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
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