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    Anything Creative...I am big on custom making the following items---wreaths, garland, Christmas tree toppers, mailbox decorations, centerpieces. I also do creative gift wrapping, and also wrapping with beautiful material Furoshiki Method). Enjoy family, my little yorkie, friends, church, cooking, movies, reading, and constantly learning new things.
  1. Yes, and the winner is "Desktop" QuickBooks. After doing research, this seems the best one for me. Did not like the on-line ones at all. And for starting up and having to watch costs, better to upgrade the desktop version. Just my own opinion
  2. How is the desktop version different than on-line or the hosted QB? Is there any drawbacks to the Desktop versions? I was thinking of purchasing the QB2015 desktop version. I did some research and if you follow this link, it will give you people's feedback on both on-line https://quickbooks.intuit.com/reviews/. Tawnya if you are reading this, I didn't see your Quickbooks link that says 2015? Just curious. When I am ready to order, I would like to order the latest version. I think I may go with the desktop version, but verdict still out. Wanted to get feedback from others. Thanks! Karen D
  3. Hi everyone, I am researching this Quickbooks dilema. I found a site that was doing a comparison and here was some feedback from customers. https://quickbooks.intuit.com/reviews/ you can view the feedback. I want to know what is the problem with desktop Quickbooks? Is Quickbooks the most popular bookkeeping software used among small businesses? I also can't imagine that the desktop Quickbooks is more expensive, especially when it is a one-time payment to download the software. I think the monthly online and hosting Quickbooks is really expensive, especially if you don't have clients or have only one that is using it. Any feedback would be great! Karen D
  4. Welcome! I see you ask about contacts. Not sure if you are referring to client partner contacts. If you were a paying member here, there is a job board, in which client partners will post that they need assistance in whatever area they are looking for. Otherwise, if you don't have a website, you may want to set one up. Hope this input helps a little. Karen D
  5. Hi Lynnie, Welcome! So much information here on this forum! You can spend hours just learning, viewing webinars, etc.! Tawyna offers various systems to get up and running. Maybe check out the resources there are. One is the VAC system. I too, didn't know where to start, but that seems to be working perfect for me. Karen D
  6. Hi Dee, Welcome! Sounds like you have great experience as a business owner, so this should be another great journey for you! Karen D
  7. Welcome Michele! Sounds like you have a great head start! At least you know the direction you are heading. The exploration phase is going to be fun! I keep changing things, as sometimes you don't realize you are good at something until you run across it...and then you say to yourself "I can add that to one of the services I offer,etc." Wishing you the best on your journey! Karen D
  8. yes, I agree about doing it right the second time around. The only major thing to be aware of is you only have 1 chance at making a good impression and you can never get that first impression you make on someone back...whether good or bad. I like the steady pace, for me, it works with all of the things I have on my plate. A full-time job is quite a bit, not too mention family obligations. And I wanted to encourage the other person on here, as she seems to be in the same boat. I want others to know, it is ok to do a steady pace, as long as you stay with it...don't give up....make sure you obtain the goals! The other thing I am going to be working on prior to my business announcement, is I am also going to have "subcontractors" in order, as well. I will be looking for various individuals with certain niche's talents that I know clients most likely will ask about, and I want to be ready to know I have them. These are the niches I don't possess, so I would rather have other people who have those talents. I want to give others who may need to work from home that possess these niche's talents opportunities. I am looking into serveral options - the new generation seem to be really great at the technical/social media. I know I could work with a school counselor and see how I can offer opportunities for college students. They would make a lot more than minimum wage! We both would benefit. I also am considering wives of veterans and also stay-at-home moms who have these skills, but have to stay at home. I ran these ideas by some of my friends and they thought these were great ideas! There are so many ways we can give back to society and providing work/assignments would be great! I want to have a great team of VA's! Karen D
  9. Celticwriter, Welcome! Your experience with writing 2 novels can be one of your niches. You could say that one of your specialties (niches) is writing content. Example articles, promotional materials, letters, memos correspondence, sending out client tweets, etc. There is definitely a need for writing for clients. With all the stress that executives/business owners, etc. go through, they may want someone to help them with relaxation therapy. You can write articles pertaining to that subject matter and then post to your website. You have some unique niches! Hope that encourages you! Karen D
  10. I actually have contacted an organization as well, as once I am up and running, I too will be also advertising that X amount and/or % will go to X. Tawnya is right...you are most likely to get another client and/or if they needed a tie breaker between you and someone else, they would pick you, as you are donating to a charity. It's like a double whammy! I have been doing some more research and I also remembered that some of these charities have events some 2x a year and 1x a year, in which they are looking for people to donate services, merchandise or products in which the attendees will bid on! This is an awesome way to really market!!! I actually have 2 places that I am going to work with next year and offer my VA Services...maybe like 3 free hours for 2 individuals (as a raffle ticket). But think how much FREE marketing that is! You are allowed to have all your marketing materials out AND in some cases if you donate x amount, they will advertise your business in their newsletters, etc. I live in Illinois...so you may want to check out places. One place is WINGS - they help battered women, etc. Other places are schools. So with all this potential extra business, you can even donate more Karen
  11. Welcome! You will find this site to be very helpful and informative. Karen D
  12. fitassistva, I know the feeling, I am also working - full time AND working on my VA Business! We just need to keep focused and keep at it, as it will soon be a "reality." There is a lot to be said for some of us VAs that are having to build our business at a slower pace, due to responsibilities or particular "learning curves" we have, BUT I am a firm believer that when you do things too fast, you miss a lot! Think of all the mistakes you are saving from making just by doing it at a steady and "realistic" pace. Great job! Keep on going, my fellow VA! Karen D
  13. It's not always that easy to search the web - even google. I put in How long has the Virtual Assistant industry been around...and nothing comes up to give any specifics. The reason for me to reach out is I do plan on speaking in the near future at events and I need to know the history. If any of you have great resources to direct me to, please do. I do remember Tawnya saying that when she started she didn't find anything but a couple of books from the library. I appreciate all feedback, as I want to make sure I have the facts straight. Thanks! Karen D
  14. Welcome Jessica! Sounds like you have a lot of experience in various areas, which is perfect! Karen D
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