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    VANA Seminar

    Please join us in the VANA Seminar Room on Wednesday, December 12, at 6:00 p.m. for this week's exciting seminar. Theresa Keves, owner of Denovo Business, will be presenting "The Lack of Ethics and Morals In Our Work Place". Theresa is especially qualified in Company Management, and making what ever you need to happen, in a proficient, expedient, cost-effective and professional manner. Her expertise include: • Facilities Management • Training Employees on company policies/procedures • new software/hardware implementations and resolving company issues. Her expertise continues with: • Writing Policies/Procedures and Implementation of same • Communications Management • Contract Management • Event Planning/Management • Team Builder • Media Designing/Coordinating • Financial/Budget Management • Excellent Computer Skills • and Outstanding Organizational Knowledge of today’s standards. With over 30 years of experience in the business community, she has worked with: • Insurance • Retail • Railroad • Financial • Communication • Business/IT Consulting • and Health Care Firms We look forward to seeing you there!
  2. anitab

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas Everyone!! There are no chat activities or seminars today! Enjoy your Holiday! Anita Bruton
  3. anitab

    VANA Seminar

    Please join us in the VANA Seminar Room on Wednesday, November 7, at 6:00 p.m. for this week's exciting seminar. Rita Coco, owner of Rita Coco, will be presenting "How to Market Your Business Better". You will walk away from this seminar knowing what is not working in your marketing, why it is not working, and how you do better marketing. I founded Rita Coco Consulting in 1989. I am an accomplished performance consultant and personal marketing coach. My 20 years of work experience in small, medium and large corporations, combined with a Masters of Science in Training and Organizational Development, is the solid foundation from which I draw my intuitive market consulting and coaching advice. I have contributed creativity, imagination and passion to over hundreds of sales, marketing, customer and training presentations, scripts, collateral and websites. We join with our clients to successfully present their products and services to their target markets. Why do clients choose us? We look at their business from a refreshing stand-point; one that is outside of the marketing and advertising world. Clients are human beings who want to better the world of another human being through their product and service. That makes marketing really simple and straight-forward. We look forward to seeing you there!
  4. anitab

    VANA Seminar

    Tonights speaker will be Carrie Lower, who is also a member of VANA. Carrie will be speaking on the publishing industry - what to look for, avoid, how to research publishing houses, what is the difference between royalty and vanity press. Carrie provides business plan writing assistance, marketing strategy coaching to small start up businesses, and marketing/promotions management to authors, and online publishing houses. She can be reached through her website CL Consulting Services or read her blog CL Consulting Services Blog. Please join us in the VANA Seminar Room at 6:00 p.m. EST.
  5. Congrats Dusty! Well deserved!!! Keep up the great work! Anita
  6. Way to go Janet! Keep up the good work! Anita
  7. Hey everyone, come on over and meet your fellow VAs! Chat starts at 9 PM ET! We are in the seminar room:http://vanetworking.com/seminars See you soon! Anita
  8. How cool that is! As I was reading through the posts, I was wondering about winning multiple times! Hit next page and there is Tawnya with the answer! I've been getting fairly lucky lately with the VA contestes! After they commented that I am lucky, I told a couple VA friends the other day, that if you want to win, you have to play! VANA is easy to brag (oh, I meant blog) about. Good luck, Anita Tawnya, just a suggestion to be considered. What if anyone that blogs about VANA could put the link in here. Other VAs could then comment if they want to, and everyones links go up attracting the search engines. And it could be fun to boot!
  9. anitab

    VANA Seminar

    Speaker of the evening: Ben Hart More information to follow soon.
  10. Join us at http://www.vanetworking.com/seminars/ Time: Wednesday, August 1, 2007 - 6 PM Eastern Daylight Time Presented by: Dr. Taffy Wagner Topic: The Biggest Financial Mistake a Virtual Assistant Can Make Seminar will cover the biggest financial mistake a virtual assistant can make whether they are a new VA, been a VA for a while or thinking about becoming a VA. Here is your opportunity to be a first-time business that survives past the first two years. Dr. Taffy W. Wagner is a wife and homeschool mom of twins. She is also an author, counselor, speaker and owner of JTW Publishing, LLC. Dr. Wagner provides one-on-one counseling, conducts seminars on personal and business finances, relationships and empowerment as well as other topics. She is the co-founder of The Virtuous Woman Tour. You can view Dr. Wagner’s websites at www.journeytowholeness.net or www.taffywagner.com. Let's make this one the biggest one yet! Come on over and join us! Virtually yours, Anita
  11. Are you looking to start a VA Business? This is a great place to find so much information about what a VA is and does. It's a wonderful place to meet other VA's. Hope we see more of you, Anita PS, do you have a website? If you do, you may want to add it to your signature line, so we can check you out and see what you do.
  12. Hi Sam, glad to see you here! You'll find us a friendly bunch! Anita
  13. Welcome Jennifer! We are glad to have you here! VANA is outstanding! Everyone here is so helpful. Don't be afraid to ask any question you have. Remember, no question is a dumb question. And if you are able to, check out our seminars on Wednesday evenings, 6 PM ET We have great speakers and you are sure to learn something new with every one. Good luck on your new venture! Anita
  14. Great job Carrie! Keep going! And I agree, Pam is great! I used her talents for my logo and the banner on my site! Anita
  15. I just found another service that may help if Outlook can't do it the way you want. http://www.toodledo.com Register for the account (it is free). You will get instant access! After you are in, click on Connections on the left. They have all the different things you can do to send reminders via cell phone. Hope it helps, Anita
  16. Good point Darrell. Some Web designers will just do the templates and you supply the content. So you may need to find two people to help you with your site. And as Darrell said, VANA has a huge array of people doing either/or/both! Anita
  17. I'm not familiar at all with Dreamweaver. I use Front Page. I know Front Page has a tool to import sites. That is how I am able to access the html for any site I need to work on. Dreamweaver doesn't have such a tool? One other way I can think of to do it would be to open up the source code of each page, and copy it into Dreamweaver. That should work. I know I have done it that way as well. Hope this helps, Anita
  18. Thanks Tawnya!! I'm looking forward to the results of the advertising! Anita
  19. Oh, Candy! What a major pain for you to keep dealing with! Looking at other VA websites to get ideas is one thing, but actually using someones site is just so wrong! Note to all VAs building a site: If you need a site and aren't sure how to build it so that it is unique to you, or if you can't write or don't want to write content, HIRE someone to do it for you! Please don't take other VAs materials. We all work so hard to build our sites and our businesses! When you are tempted to steal, think how you would feel if someone stole from you! Big Hugs Candy! Anita
  20. You are looking wonderful Karri! Can't wait for the baby pictures!
  21. No problem Jan, glad to help! After all, that is what we are here for! Anita
  22. Hello Yvonne and welcome to VANA! I have Skype in and Skype out. I love my Skype!! Seriously, Skype in allows you to get phone calls on your computer from virtually anyone, anywhere. It includes voice mail which is great when you are off line or unavailable. Skype out also allows you to make calls to any other skype computer for no extra charge! And as a side note, Skype allows you to not only reach clients, but to also network with other VAs. Many of us have Skype and are willing to 'chat' with others, (mostly for business purposes, but also to know there are 'others' like us out there)! Good luck, Anita
  23. Hello Mary Beth, An update on the current schedule: Monday evenings, 9 PM ET we are having our regular weekly chat. Wednesday evenings, 6 PM ET are our weekly seminars. Thursday mornings, 11 AM ET will be our weekly workshops. We are currently on hiatus right now and working on a plan for the workshops. We will announce it here on VANA when we start up againg. We may or may not add the Friday seminars back to the schedule in September, but for now, we have chosen not to have it on Fridays during the summer months. See you on Wednesday! Anita
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