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  1. Hi, I am going to be distributing a press release for my business- and a joint venture with another. I will be going with PR Web and do have a list of other free sites to look into. I have a question in regards to the newspapers. I have never seen an actual press release in the newspaper. Do they print the actual release? Also, who is it that I contact. Thanks for you help! Sue Graff At Your Call
  2. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how to market physicians. I am working for a tax preparation firm and my client would like me to set up seminars with doctors. The seminar is free and is for tax savings/education. The goal of course if for my client to obtain them as a client. Was thinking to try and get to them through a hospital. In my experience, doctors don't really want to make time unless they have to. Any suggestions on how to get to them? A meeting planner maybe? Thanks. Sue Graff/ At Your Call Business Services www.atyourcall.biz
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    Thank you! ah, ok. Guess I should have bought the upgrade!
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    At one time I saw a section for RFP's here. My business is now up and running and I could use this, however, I can't find the section! Could someone please direct me to where this is? I could use my first paycheck! Thanks so much. Sue Graff
  5. Congratulations!! You look fabulous! I'm 30 weeks myself and don't look anywhere near as good as you! Good luck to you!
  6. Thank you so much for your responses. I was thinking the best way for me to go was to still charge by the hour. However, I did see that some were charging by the line. I was also afraid of seeming inexperienced if this was the way medical transcription was generally being charged. I also could not figure out how they would make money charging by line. I did take into consideration that some might be very hard to understand and was afraid I might get myself in a situation where I wasn't making any money at all. I do have experience (over ten years ago) in medical transcription but it was in an office where I was an employee. Thank you so much for your help! Sue
  7. Thank you everyone for your responses! They were most helpful. Kelly, I am going to check into your suggestions, Thank you!!!
  8. Hi, I'm establishing my rates. Generally I think I will be charging a set rate by the hour or part of the hour. However, I will be offering medical transcription. Is it better to set a rate per page or per hour? What is the general rate charged? Would appreciate your help. Thanks Sue
  9. Hi, I am in the process of starting up. I’m unclear as to if I need insurance or not. I am an LLC so I'm thinking I don't. I called my insurance carrier to see if they have a rider off of my homeowners and they do not. Is it necessary to contact an insurance agent regarding small business insurance? Do any of you have or not have insurance? I dont' play on having any additional employees. Thanks. Sue
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