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  1. For Immediate Release Stephanie Fish Buckeye V.A. Phone: 330-754-0542 Email: stephanie@buckeyeva.com Web site: www.buckeyeva.com Health and Wellness Professionals know the importance of having a well built website now they struggle with successfully marketing their information to bring maximum success to their practices. How will you market your website and educate your clients? How Are Health and Wellness Practitioners Dealing With Stress? New Philadephia, Ohio - 23/4/2012 - Health and Wellness Practitioners have built fantastic websites and even have a blog in hopes to educate potential clients on the benefits of making healthier lifestyle choices that will improve their health. While health practitioners are helping clients, many are stressing about their online marketing. With only 24 hours in a day, and most of that time is handling their clients, when do they have time to increase their newsletter subscribers and update their social media accounts? Many health and wellness practitioners own and operate brick-and-mortar offices as well as websites. The problem that plagues many health professionals is the added stress of juggling two separate businesses while maintaining the personal attention each client deserves? While hiring a full time office assistant may not be beneficial or budget friendly for your practice there is another choice, hiring a virtual health coach assistant. Many health coach assistants are knowledgeable and experienced with the vast array of internet marketing and business building tasks that help health and wellness coaches that increase their business awareness that can potentially lead to an increase in online and offline clientele. The saying goes “time is money”, so you’ll want to make sure you are using your time wisely. As a health and wellness professional you may prefer to focus your time and talents with one-on-one coaching and public speaking. While focusing on what you do best, you can hand the “behind the scenes” marketing to an experience virtual marketing assistant, leaving the tech stuff to them. "I've seen the negative effects on service providers who try to 'do it all' themselves - these health and wellness practitioners whose entire business model is caring for others, often overlook the importance of delegating tasks that cause them headaches or stress." says Stephanie Fish, a professional marketing virtual assistant dedicated to supporting the health and wellness industry. With Spring upon us, there’s no better time than now to start delegating those all important, time consuming internet marketing tasks. When you delegate you will increase your productivity while decreasing your “hands on” time, this will enable you to focus on the health and well-being of your clientele and free up personal time. Focusing on your clients health and well-being instead of your marketing is a real way to use your time and talents, would you agree? Let’s get moving in the right direction! Stephanie Fish owns Buckeye V.A. - a full service virtual marketing business that provides management services for health and wellness professionals. Schedule your complimentary consultation today by visiting our website at www.BuckeyeVA.com ###
  2. Kristaa-a-a-a--a-a! Are you going? Is there a fee? Is there any website address listed on that flier? I would love to attend but need more information. Thank You! Steph
  3. Hello All Ohio VA's! As a newbie, cost is a factor for me, saying that.......the Amish counties are BEAUTIFUL, especially in late September/October.. The Dutch Valley restaurant is huge, they have a meeting room, great Amish homemade food, located in Sugarcreek Ohio. There are so many places to spend your money for that upcoming holiday season and they have numerous b&b's (which book up fast!). Well, that's my 2-cents. Please keep me posted! Thank You, Stephanie
  4. Hello! I would love to have an Ohio VA meeting group. Most entrepreneur groups seem to meet way up North, I haven't seen any specific VA groups though. Stephanie Fish
  5. Is there a mailing list or reminder service that I could sign-up for, I'm always forgetting about the chat or I can't find the link....I just need to know where to find the calendar of events then I could google them on my calendar...can someone help me? Thank You, Stephanie
  6. I'm confused.......she PM'd me asking me what services I offered and how much I charged, I'm not sure what's going on but my "radar" is up. Am I being too "paranoid"? Stephanie
  7. What business license to I buy to operate in Ohio? I have no idea what I'm supposed to buy. Any help would be greatly appreciated :0) Thank You, Stephanie Fish
  8. Chat was awesome and usefully informative today! This was my first VA chat/seminar and hope to join more of them, more often! You ladies did a great job! Thank You! Steph
  9. Awesome!! What an inspiration and the motivation I needed!
  10. Hello Tena, I live in Northeastern Ohio...Tuscarawas County (I just love these little smiley faces) As a VA are you willing to share some of the networking groups that you utilize? Talk to you soon, Stephanie Fish Buckeye VA
  11. I signed up and am waiting for my conformation email (does this usually take awhile to get?). Thank you for all your hard work and for inviting all of us VA's to join! AWESOME Stephanie Fish Buckeye VA
  12. Hello! It's nice to meet some other Ohio VA's! I have some questions, in Ohio, are we supposed to have a Business License and if so, which license do I get? I went online and there are 100's of business licenses available but I didn't see any explanation as to which one was right for my VA business. Also, could you share with me some of your most helpful/favorite VA forums? I live in Northeast Ohio (Tuscarawas County). It's a pretty nice place to live. Oh, have any of you joined the Chamber of Commerce? I've been debating that lately...just wondered if it would be useful or a waste of money. What's your opinion as a VA? Thank You, Stephanie
  13. I would love to get to know other VA in Ohio! Anyone interested please let me know. Stephanie Fish Buckeye VA
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