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    My interests are reading and quilting, but I love all crafting. My family enjoys camping and the outdoors so our summers are always busy.

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  1. Thank you, Tawnya! I really appreciate your input! Angela
  2. I am wondering if I could get some input into RFPs. What I am wondering is does everyone find a shorter or longer request for proposal works bette at getting the contract? Longer takes more time for the client to read, maybe doesn't have lots of time but it gives detail. Shorter is quicker to read but not as detailed. Thanks for your time with reading and answering. Angela
  3. My name is Angela Kosolofski and I am in the process of learning and researching all I can on VAs. I am creating a website called www.airdrievirtualassistant.com and hope to have it launched soon. I am excited to learn all there is to know and meet other VAs so we can become friends. This is very new to me and I am nervous about it all. Tawnya, thank you so much for all of the information I have read so far. You are an amazing person to organize all this for others and give us this amazing resource free of charge. If money was a little better at my house, I would totally be purchasing your kit. I hope to attend the virtuosos in April! Have a great day everyone! Angela
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