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  1. Dana - I already am imbibing during the work for this client!! Thanks for the suggestion - it is helping. Lori - That is the method I am currently using - can you say Nightmare? I was hoping there was an easier solution. Thanks ladies!
  2. I have a client that is an interior designer. She purchases furniture, paint, rugs, etc for her clients and then invoices them for it. In the past, she would write a check to the vendor (without entering a bill first) and record it under the Cost of Goods Sold in the account window. She would then enter the customer name in the Bill To field - but QB doesn't pull this line into invoices. She now has a bunch of transaction in the COGS acct that she cannot bill directly. She would manually invoice the customer by looking up the bill and using a generic "Service" type item that she would change the description and price on manually - there is no connection between the transactions. I want to match the purchase transactions to the invoice transactions and make one "other" type item that I can use for the purchase and the invoice side of the transaction. I just ran reports and exported to Excel all the invoices with item types of Service and all the checks and credit card purchases. Question 1: Is there some sort of magic way, (I know, I'm a dreamer) to try and match these transactions? Question 2: Is there an add-on or third-party tool that would help me accomplish this feat without losing my mind?
  3. Thanks for the feedback, Alyssa! I have passed your words on to my client.
  4. I am looking for someone or everyone to give me their honest opinion on the bookkeeping tool called outright.com. Is it harder, easier or the same as Quickbooks? Are there any major benefits to switching to this product over Quickbooks? Thanks,
  5. I agree on all points, Candy. I was using Quicken for personal stuff way back when I wasn't running a business and was tired of using two different programs. I converted the personal file to Quickbooks and am sorry I did it. Very messy The classes option is definitely necessary in this case because - "you can't mix business with pleasure, (personal)". Always make sure and customize the reports for the business to exclude the personal stuff to see an accurate picture of the business.
  6. Uh-oh, I hope this doesn't mean that the VA world has lost one of their most respected members: CNN's Newest Evening Anchor
  7. Tawnya - No cell phone? What's with that? BTW - Mike has found someone to room with and will be staying at the Crowne Plaza too!
  8. Hey Patty - I will be there along with one of the harem leaders from FoVA! Mike and I are really looking forward to it. Can't wait to see you again.
  9. I am going to have Mike join the forum. Here is his cell number for text messages: 262-492-0249. I'm sure he would love to get together will you all. His flight arrives on Thursday at 8:20pm.
  10. Hi everyone. A few months back, I received the Wind Lake Chamber of Commerce's Outstanding Business Award. Along with being listing on their website, there were press releases sent out and an article written in our local paper. Yesterday, I received a letter of congratulations from Congressman Paul Ryan, who represents the southeastern portion of Wisconsin in the House of Representatives! Paul_Ryan_Letter0001.pdf I did notice that there appears to be some "mail-merge" type text at the bottom of the letter. Do you think that everyone who is mentioned from an award is added to a database and receives the same letter? Would it be worthwhile to post this letter on my website? Would you put it as a link in the text about the award I won or should I put it on my Testimonials page? What would you do with this letter?
  11. Deneen - Great question - I wasn't aware of prlog.org and will be sure to check it out. I hope that someone else has other suggestions for you because at this time, I have been submitting press releases one by one to the VANetworking list found on this site.
  12. Thank you all for your kind words. I really appreciate it. I was quite surprised and embarrassed when they made the announcement and read the press release at the meeting.
  13. Tootin' my own horn here Local secretarial service wins outstanding business award
  14. Kudos to you, Tawnya! Keep up the excellent work!
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