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  1. Tawnya - I'll let you know when I begin my whirlwind tour! lol
  2. You've come to the right place, Brandi. I began my VA business back in 2007 by "lurking" around here at first and then joining in and actually meeting a lot of the ladies in person. I love the advice given by Lily. It's your business and you should only be doing what you love to do. Don't be shy around here - ask lots of questions. I've found that the VA industry sticks together and is very willing to help. Good Luck!
  3. Hi everybody! I started my VA business on this site back in 2007. Tawnya and the rest of the VA's got me so busy that I wasn't able to find the time to pop in any longer. Probably a good problem to have! Now, I'm still as busy but I miss the camaraderie of this group. I look forward to helping out where I can and interacting with all of you.
  4. Hi Patsy & Sharon: You've made a great decision to become a VA and join VAnetworking. Everyone here is great and very helpful. My advice to both of you is to increase your visibility here online by starting to blog, if you aren't already. Be sure to submit your posts to the social bookmarking sites, share them on your personal Facebook profile and business page, (if you have one - get one if you don't.) Join LinkedIn and complete your profile in full and start connecting with people you think will be your ideal clients. Also, Facebook and LinkedIn pay-per-click advertising is a good way to get your name out there. Good luck to you both! Janet
  5. Hey everyone: I took over maintaining a website for a client that was built using the WhosWho theme by Elegant Themes. This theme was purchased by the original webmaster. I am attempting to get the built in sidebar to appear so that I can put up her FB badge. I found the place where I can enable this, which would display a bunch of ads for Elegant Themes. Unfortunately, it does not work! I went to the Elegant Themes website and it appears that you need to purchase something in order to access their support section and forum. I did discover that they boast about using something called ePanel to design their custom sites. This section is not listed in the back-end of this WP installation. A fellow VA was kind enough to poke around and let me know that the particular theme I am working with has a note attached to it that the ePanel was not installed in the version I am using. I have Tweeted to ElegantThemes and looked all over FB for an answer to this question. Can anyone help? Thanks
  6. I am wondering if anyone uses Madmimi.com for their email marketing. I am partial to Constant Contact and am wondering if you like it better than CC. Any comments will be appreciated. Thanks
  7. I just did a small project for a long-time client where she provided the special paper for printing but I had to use my ink from my HP Photosmart printer. It was a color project. My daughter said that she has seen charges for printing at $.50/sheet at her college library and other places that provide this service. I don't need to charge for the paper - if I did, this would be easy to figure out. I just need a cost for the ink. I was going to use $.25 per sheet. Do you think this is high?
  8. Hey everybody!! I am the secretary for one of our local Chambers of Commerce and recently, we went through a big change. This Chamber doesn't have a full time ED - we all pitch in the best we can. I have a woman working to update all of our documents. I uploaded 3 CD's full to Google Docs and was thinking this would be the most efficient way for everyone to have access that needed access. The woman that is working on this replied as follows: Your idea for using GoogleDocs is a good idea for sharing documents. However, when it comes to editing GoogleDocs is very cumbersome and has many flaws/ inconsistencies. Example....what it looks like on my screen for editing is not the same as in print preview. If I download and make corrections from my PC and upload the file, the font format spacing (everything!!!) changes and needs massive revisions. Doing it this way is is very time consuming and unproductive. I don't have any problems with Google Docs - do any of you? Do you think it may be her browser or computer? Any suggestions or should I try another tool? Thank you kindly!<b> <br style=""></b> <br style="">
  9. I have only worked with 1and1.com. I have never had a site go over their size of their beginner package. They charge on a quarterly basis and its only around $23/quarter. Here is my affiliate link: 1and1 hosting
  10. So sorry to hear about your problem, Patty. I know first hand about stressing over an upcoming procedure and agree that they should just do it right away. One time, I had to take my father to the emergency room - he had an ulcer, we found out. Well, it was probably about 9am when I took him in and around noon, they said they were going to admit him for tests - they were just waiting for the room to be readied. Around 6pm that day, we were still in the ER waiting for the room. No one would talk to us, no one would even look at us. I finally lost it and confronted a doctor, very, very loudly in the hallway so that everyone could here. I mean, the least they could do is let you know why you are waiting 5 hours in the ER. We thought the worst at this time - like the doctors found something really, really bad in their earlier x-rays and were trying to decide what to do or something. Your mind starts to wander when people don't talk to you. Any-who, you will think I am nuts, (like you didn't already), but I actually just got back from the dentist and it is one of my fav things to do. I go twice a year for a cleaning and they never find anything wrong. I do have problems though, like breaking teeth in the middle of a weekend. They get me fixed up right away on a temporary basis and then we schedule for a crown or something. The reason I like going to the dentist is because it makes me feel like I just had my haircut or something - you know, a self-improvement of some sort. Nice clean, shiny teeth!! I told you that you would think I was nutz!! Better days are ahead Miss Patty. Hang in there, girl - soon it will all just be a good story for a cocktail party (or IVAA Live!). Love you!
  11. http://here-fishyfishy.com and http://my-lowcosthealthins.com. These are just simple landing sites but all I have done so far. Can't wait to get to use it for an upcoming, full-blown site!!
  12. I don't believe you are able to "combine" the pages themselves. You would be able to have one email address associated with each page though. Just add the email that you want as an administrator to each page. If you want to stop maintaining one of the pages but not lose the fans, I would indicate in a post that you are simplifying things and sunsetting activity on a particular page. Make sure you do this over a period of time with suggestions that all the fans "like" the other page. Also, indicate that all the great content from the sunsetted page will be found on the other page. Does this make sense or am I rambling again?
  13. Ah, that is a simple answer! So, it appears you liked my "story", huh?
  14. Scenario: A Man #1 has an industrial website on which he advertises a completely unrelated product that he developed. He sells this product on his site and uses Paypal for check out. Man #2 comes along and finds this product is revolutionary. Turns out Man #2 is an SEO & PPC service provider and attempts to talk Man #1 into using his services to promote the revolutionary product, thus driving more sales for Man #1. Man #1 is not interested. Man #2 approaches Man #1 with a new idea - Man #2 will create his own website and implement SEO and PPC to prove to Man #1 this system works. Stipulation: Man #1 will pay Man #2 commission for any sales. Man #1 agrees and everyone is happy except me. Man #1 will share his Paypal account information with us - no problem here. The problem comes in with tracking which site generated the sale. I will be creating a micro-site in WordPress. I will have an order form and a Pay Now button. I have no idea what Man #1's site is built with I know that Google Analytics is able to track where the sale came from. I am concerned that this method will not be completely reliable as I have seen posts in their forum where people complain it misses transactions. Does anyone know if WordPress offers an e-commerce plugin that I can utilize for tracking this? I haven't ever noticed that Paypal offers tracking like this. Am I wrong? I will probably end up outsourcing this portion of the job but would like to have a basic grasp of the best product for the tracking. Thanks!
  15. Thanks Judy - you helped me make a decision - use the web designer rate.
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