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  1. Hi everyone: Are there VA's in Toronto who would like to meet? There seem to be a large group of us in the city and I think it would be good to get together and discuss how our businesses are and help each other. If there are enough responses, we could meet on a regular basis. It could be for lunch, dinner or coffee so please indicate your choice(s). Thanks.
  2. Hi: Is there anywhere that I can get information/training on the various ecommerce programs, such as 1Shopping Cart, etc.? There are a number of them out there but I wanted to learn how to use them. All suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Good luck Cathy. I just finished up with the classroom portion of the course and handed in my final business plan. Now it is time to build my business. Have to fill out monthly reports and meet with my business coach at least once a month until at least March 2012. It was a great program and one that I highly recommend for those who would qualify.
  4. Hi: This is for any Mac users. Today I received a update notification to update my software, most likely to get ready for the new OS X Lion upgrade. After installation was completed I tried to reinstall theVA toolbar and I got a message that it was not compatible now. Has anyone received this message? Thanks
  5. I might have the chance to purchase an IPad but wanted to see how best to use it for business purposes. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Hi Yasiman: Welcome to the group from another Torontonian. This is a wonderful group to network with and get great information. I just started up my VA business also and enjoy working for myself. Have a great time.
  7. Happy Birthday Tawnya. Hope you have a great day. Thanks for all you do.
  8. Hi Leanne: I will go ahead and go with Quickbooks since it is just for myself. Thanks for your help
  9. Hi all: I recently purchased a MacBook Pro and have been advised to get Quickbooks. In a previous posting, it was mentionhed that there is a problem with this software for Mac. Is there a reason that perhaps I should consider before getting this item. I have a netbook that is on Windows. I was considering getting the Windows version only for this netbook and transfer any charts by USB to my Mac. Someone who is an Mac expert, suggested that perhaps I upload Parallel and Windows for my Mac and then I can use the Quickbooks for Windows. What are your opinions? Thanks for any help I can get.
  10. Welcome Debbie: This is a great group to network with when you are building your business. I am from Toronto and am starting the Self Employment Benefit program tomorrow. Very excited about starting. Hope you enjoy it also.
  11. Welcome to the group. I am a Toronto girl also. This a great place to network and gather information on the VA industry. Enjoy!
  12. Hi: I am starting my business shortly with the support of the Self Employment Benefit Program here in Ontario and wanted to know if the bank account should be set up right away or wait a while? This next question is more for Canadian members - is there one bank that you have found is better with start-up businesses than others? I did some internet research but the big 5 banks all seemed to be the same. Thanks for your help.
  13. Hi Debbie Lynn: I definitely agree with you on that. I have been laid off from 2 jobs because the companies lost money and poor planning. Now I want to be in charge of my destiny, not someone else.
  14. Hi Heather! Glad to see you around again So wish I could have caught up with you before I left Toronto this week but not thinking that's going to happen. I may have some time at the airport before I fly out but I don't even know that airport anymore so no idea where a person could meet up with others in the terminal area. If you are interested though, let me know. I fly out around 6pm Wed at Toronto International on Westjet. Hi Tawnya: Glad you had a great time in Toronto taping the Dragon's Den. The pictures showed how much fun the whole experience was for everyone. I haven't been at the airport for several years and Wednesday is a busy day for me. I start my Self Employment Benefit Program on Monday and have to get several things together before I start. It is very exciting. Maybe I'll meet you again at an future conference. Till then, take care.
  15. Hi: I know this is an old thread but I just wanted to say that I used the VAC business plan also and was accepted this week for the SEB program also. The agency complimented me on having all the information and they did not have any questions at all. Just went in this week to sign the paperwork. Course starts on June 6th. Looking forward to the challenges ahead but I know I can do it. Thanks Tawnya.
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