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  1. Hi everyone: Are there VA's in Toronto who would like to meet? There seem to be a large group of us in the city and I think it would be good to get together and discuss how our businesses are and help each other. If there are enough responses, we could meet on a regular basis. It could be for lunch, dinner or coffee so please indicate your choice(s). Thanks.
  2. Hi Leanne: I will go ahead and go with Quickbooks since it is just for myself. Thanks for your help
  3. Hi all: I recently purchased a MacBook Pro and have been advised to get Quickbooks. In a previous posting, it was mentionhed that there is a problem with this software for Mac. Is there a reason that perhaps I should consider before getting this item. I have a netbook that is on Windows. I was considering getting the Windows version only for this netbook and transfer any charts by USB to my Mac. Someone who is an Mac expert, suggested that perhaps I upload Parallel and Windows for my Mac and then I can use the Quickbooks for Windows. What are your opinions? Thanks for any help I can get.
  4. It would be wonderful to see you again Heather Ok, plan for a dinner on Tuesday, May 24th around 6:30PM EST. If you can figure out the closest restaurant to my hotel, that would save me time otherwise, you'll all here from for location on Monday. Tawnya I can make a reservation for 6:30pm at Jack Astors which is across from the hotel on York Street. You just have to cross the street and you are there. Do you know how many people might show up? Great to see you again too.
  5. Hi Tawnya: Welcome to Toronto! Hopefully the rain will not be too bad. I'd love to meet you and other VA's in Toronto down around your hotel. There are several restaurants nearby such as Casey's, Joe Badali's (about one block from the hotel) or Jack Astor's (best garlic bread). I can be reached at hchernofsky@sympatico.ca. Look forward to meeting everyone.
  6. Thank you Tawnya for doing this. I went to the first FOVA conference and enjoyed the idea of various workshops targetting either newbies or those with their business up and running. I would like more vendors i.e. showing software of interest to VA's, various "recommended" training programs, business related books, and other ways to build and run a successful business. As far as food goes, continental breakfasts would be fine with healthy snacks midway; Brown Bag Lunches (sandwiches/fruit/beverage) and no supplied dinners could keep the costs down. We could have a "dine-around" one evening for those interested. I look forward to visiting Vancouver again. I would like to help out. Heather
  7. Hi: Unfortunately, I am not able to attend any of these great seminars. Would there be any way I can pay for access to only the tapes? I noticed that the premium rate is for both the seminars and tapes. Would you have a price for just the tapes? They sound fabulous so I'm hoping that I can access these. Thanks.
  8. Hi Kathy: It was a great article. The information on what your company does is invaluable now that you're offering Social Media in your portfolio of services. Good luck in your future endeavours.
  9. Take a look at the meter! Looks like we might have a winner here!! Whooo Tawnya. You're on fire. I was getting worried there. Heather
  10. For someone who is starting up their business and wants to start out on the right foot: What is the proper way to keep your computer running smoothly? What is the file registry? What is a recommended security software? What should we look for in a security software? Thanks Heather
  11. You're right. I've been voting daily also and it looks like it hasn't moved for the past couple days. Hope Tawnya wins!! Heather
  12. I downloaded Quickbook Simple Start which is a free download. It allows you up to 25 clients. At no cost, it is a great starter package for some new to the software. I use Quicken for my personal acounting but wanted to learn what I can on Quickbooks. Heather
  13. Hi everyone: I just watched this and just roared with laughter. It was great! Glad to be part of a wonderful group of people. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all! Heather
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