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  1. Hi everyone, first off...thanks so much for your replies. My first job may have just fell in my lap today and I am excited but nervous! One of the SVPs at my bank is also leaving to pursue his side business as a financial advisor. He will now take on this Job full time and needs help with the back end of things. I could be doing a variety of things from new client intake forms, opening accounts, He is currently using a excel spreadsheet to invoice clients, however, he said one of the programs he uses offers and prefers their invoicing system. He would like that up and running ASAP. He said he also needs someone to keep him on task with clients and dates such as sending birthday cards, anniversary cards, etc. how would you recommend I keep track of that? Gather that info from his clients and put it on my personal calendar and his? He is a pretty unorganized person and I can tell he himself is unsure of what he can delegate to me. I was thinking about sending him an email and asking him questions that I found on various VA client intake forms to get a idea of his expectations and what he is willing to delegate. He is totally unsure of hours and didn't even go over pay but I am thinking of suggesting a set amount of hours per week (20-25) at a package price? This could potentially be my first client so I really don't want to come off as nervous and unsure. What do you guys think?? Am I approaching this the correct way? HELP!!! Thank you!!!
  2. Hi Everyone, I am new to the forum and have some questions and would really appreciate your thoughts and opinions. I've thought about becoming a VA on and off for the last 3 years. I am now having a baby and will be staying home and I am really wanting to do part time va admin work. Here's my problem...I've never actually been an "administrative assistant". My entire career and experience has been in banking and most recently a client/sales team support role for a high profile/business bank. Basically I work in an office and support the VPs with all their clients needs so they can focus on networking and bringing in more business. It was a one location bank in a highrise downtown so pretty much all of our work and communication with clients was all email, phone and we used a CRM programs to track all client request and work we did for them. Without having actual admin experience (calendar management, booking travel, bookkeeping, blogging,etc) I don't know if I should pursue this field although I have always been in a support role and LOVE being "behind the scenes". I guess I am unsure of what I should offer as services. I wish there were some sort of training so I have some hands on experience. do you guys think I should pursue this or try to find a job working as an admin assistant first or try to get a job working for one of the virtual assistant companies? Any advice, opinions or personal stories would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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