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  1. Hey everyone, We had a couple of questions about a mailing a client of ours is doing: 1) He's doing a huge mailing and wanted to add his signature to all the letters going out without having to sign every letter by hand. He tried scanning it in but it looked like it was scanned and did not look professional. Is there a way for him to add his signature to his mailing and have it look like he had actually handwritten it? 2) He has a document in PDF that he wants to do a mail merge with. Is that possible? We appreciate any tips and advice. Thanks. Maria Aline & Michele Aline-Lopez Aline Administrative Support Services, LLC Email: aline_assist@verizon.net Website: http://www.alineadministrative.com
  2. We have a client who has Outlook Express 2003. She wants to be able to export her address book including the groups that they are categorized in. Is there a way to export the contacts name, email and group into a spreadsheet? Thanks. Aline Administrative alineadminsupport@comcast.net
  3. We were able to save it as a PDF. However, there was no option to save it as a jpeg or gif, just as a text or PDF.
  4. Hi everyone, We have a client who needs a word document converted to a GIF or JPEG. Does anyone know if there's a way to do this without having to spend money on downloading software to do the conversion? Thanks. Michele and Maria Aline Administrative Support Services
  5. Awesome! Thanks so much for all the great ideas.
  6. Hi - Hope someone can help. We have a client who is a real estate owner who also rents out her properties. She is looking for a software that she can use to see what different looks and colors she might want to use to paint and fix up her properties. Can anyone make any recommendations? Thanks. Maria and Michele Aline
  7. Hi all, Hope everybody had a great holiday. We had a question about business card scanners. We have a client who is looking for an affordable and reliable business card scanner. She is not looking for anything special, just something simple. Does anybody have any suggestions what would be a good one for her to get? Thanks. Maria and Michele Aline
  8. We are so glad we checked this forum. We also just got an email from this guy this week. We did reply with just general info about our services, but didn't give away too much because it sounded suspicious. We even asked him if he could give us more info about him and his company. He just responded saying his client's names was Mary Morgan and what services she needed, but still no info about him. We thought that was weird and decided to do a little more checking. Glad we did. Thanks everyone about the warning.
  9. Hi Sarah, Thanks so much for your advice. We downloaded the ExpressScribe as you suggested and took a look at the thread you listed. There was a lot of helpful information on there. It will definitely come in handy with this new client. Thanks again and have a great day! Maria and Michele
  10. Hello, We could use some advice on doing transcription work for a possible new client. He said that he has an interview on a digital dictaphone that he needs transcribed. We don't have any experience with this type of transcription and was wondering if we need any special type of equipment or software to help him with his recorded interview. If we are not mistaken, he would be able to email us the recording. Please help!! Thanks. Maria and Michele Aline www.alineadministrative.com
  11. Hi there, We are also new to this board and new VAs. We are in Northern NJ(Jersey City) and would love to network with others from NJ. Does anyone know of any networking events in this area? Michele & Maria Aline alineadminsupport@comcast.net http://www.alineadministrative.com
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