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  1. For Immediate Release Doreen R. Patrick, MVA, ACS, CIVA Virtual Business Partners 630-541-2433 www.virtualbusinesspartners.net vbpmailbox-vbp@yahoo.com Virtual Assistant Tell-All eBook on Getting Clients Woodridge, IL – February 28, 2008 - Virtual Business Partners is pleased to announce the publication of their new eBook, The Virtual Assistants Guide to Landing 12 Clients in 12 Months which has just been released and is for sale on their company web site at www.virtualbusinesspartners.net/resources. Doreen Patrick, owner and founder of Virtual Business Partners, e
  2. Me too! I live in the western suburbs so I think we are relatively close!
  3. I'm local to the Chicago area where her show is headquartered. Let me know what I can do!
  4. Congrats on joining your COC. I joined my local COC in early 2006. I have since become Chairperson of the Women in Business Committee and I was approached for consideration for the Board of Directors. The networking events still give me the nervies, I would much rather sit in a meeting room and talk planning...BUT, since public speaking is not my forte, membership has proven very beneficial for me. It has allowed for me to speak in conversation about my business without sounding salesy and to get to know other people and businesses in the community. It can be a tough crowd, I agree!
  5. This could not have come at a better time! I was working on creating something similar when talking to prospective clients. I love the way the Top 10s are broken out! They make a powerful impact! I also have an idea that I will be sending along!
  6. I almost lost my 14 year old daughter to sudden cardiac arrest in October 2006 while she was playing volleyball. I can't imagine the pain this poor woman is going through. Life is so short and precious. Thanks for posting. I will be sending a donation.
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