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  1. Hi, Just been having a good look around the various discussions etc that are on this forum and was wondering if there is anyone out there from the UK, I am based in the North East and having been made redundant recently I have been trying to think out of the box a little bit and came up with using my many years of experience of working in various office settings to set up on my own!! It would be great if there is any one out there who could offer some advice on what their experiences have been of setting up in the UK. I do have a tonne of questions to ask but would love to hear from you as well. Many thanks Lynnie
  2. Hi everyone I am from the North East of England and have recently been made redundant - I was a recruitment officer for a Fostering Agency so out and about talk to the public and recruiting them to be foster carers, prior to this I spent around 15 years working in various office settings so have a wealth of knowledge on a good variety of office suites. Is there anyone else on here from the UK? Also I have been having a look about the forum and reading various threads and the support you seem to give each other is amazing - this has really given me the boost that I need and today is the start of (hopefully) a brighter future for me - there is a lot to do and any advice on what I should do first would be gratefully accepted. I look forward to building some good relationships on here - many thanks for your time x Lynnie
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