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  1. Hi! Actually, the IRS has lots of info on their website: http://www.irs.gov/businesses/small/articl...=115045,00.html You can order free publications and DVDs from them also: http://www.irs.gov/businesses/small/articl...=101169,00.html Rebecca Quinn
  2. Good morning everyone! The September 1 edition of Woman's Day Magazine includes an article called "How to Make Money At Home" by Mary Hunt. One of suggestions is to become a VA! To read the article online, go to http://www.womansday.com/money/12019/your-money.html Rebecca Quinn
  3. Ruth, Wonderful! And you're thinking like a business owner - looking ahead for the referrals! Rebecca Quinn
  4. I just found the most wonderful new (to me) resource. Mary-Lou Ashton did a VANA Seminar yesterday and she will be doing another tomorrow morning right here on this site. Check it out! She offers her Virtual Assistant Training Program for sale via her website and she also has a free newsletter you can subscribe to. You can read all of the past newsletters in her archives and they are an excellent resource. Each month she covers a different topic. To me, they were like a checklist of all the things I need to work on for my business. http://vatp.ca Many of her articles are posted in the Articles section of the VANA site also. No, I'm not an affiliate...I'm not getting paid to say this or anything! I just wanted to share something I found really helpful. See you all in the seminar tomorrow! Rebecca Quinn
  5. Hi Anita, I totally agree with Leanne - the two points she made are exactly the things that stood out to me. A phrase I would delete is "I became more and more interested in marketing" and and maybe give concrete examples of marketing you've done. As a client I would want to know that you were more than just "interested" in marketing. Any training or work experience (even for yourself) in marketing would be good to mention. What makes you an expert and how do I know you can help me? As far as the phrase "worked in mortgages for several years as a loan processor and originator" is concerned, I think it could be stronger ("As a loan processor and originator" or something like that, instead of "worked in" and, as Leanne said, don't focus too much on the mortgage industry unless that it your niche. As someone who also has health issues, I don't tell people because I don't ever want them to doubt my ability to do the job. (Again, unless your niche is helping people with disabilities become self employed or something like that!) I like your emphasis on technology and the way you demonstrate to the reader that you understand how overwhelming it is to run a small business because you've been there yourself. And congratulations on writing your press release in the first place! Good luck to you. Rebecca Quinn
  6. Hi Paula, Thanks for the tip! I heard they were closing from Microsoft of all places. I had registered for a Microsoft Small Business event there and got an email saying it was cancelled because they were going out of business. Then I kind of forgot about it. But now that you mention SALE...I'm on my way! Rebecca Quinn
  7. Hello Wenda, Angela's suggestion to look on VA websites is excellent, because other VAs are the most likely to not appreciate it if you take their name! A company in a different location and different line of business may not mind as much. There's a great article on places you can check to see if your proposed business name is in use at nolo.com. www.nolo.com/article.cfm/objectID/E13CD365-3792-4908-AF21BA10D0647C3B/111/228/195/ART/ Good luck to you, Rebecca Quinn
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