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  1. I love networking!! It's so much fun to actually chat with people too
  2. Congratulations Darrell, it will be good to get out and meet other locals!
  3. Oh on his blog carnival page I've got the first link I think...
  4. Wow that's not good luck! LOL - you don't want to be sending potential clients to a site about dog poo! I actually thought Jen was talking about my link at first.
  5. How does this work Darrell? Does it have to be an original article? About outsourcing or about virtual assistance? Am I too late? Thanks! Angela
  6. Do either of these have any problems with callers from certain companies that are blocking calls to some free conference lines? (I can't remember which companies they were that are blocking them). Thanks for the links!
  7. Wow Congratulations! How exciting. I met Bunmi in and online conference room a few months back, looks like you bought a great site.
  8. I've been looking for a blog carnival to participate in, thanks for posting!
  9. Oh my goodness Phillippine jail cells? I agree that if you can add extra value you will keep clients even though there are people offering the service for a much lower price. I'm sure many of my clients know they could find someone at a lot lower rate than me, but do they want to bother going out and searching, possibly finding someone who's not as good and having to then search again, etc..? probably not. I posted about Tim Ferriss' 4-hour workweek' on my blog, which talks about outsourcing to india for $5/hr. It's funny because now a lot of people doing a search find my site w
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