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  1. These guys are still doing this? I was frustrating to the guy who called me, I kept asking him how he knows what's wrong with my comptuer and playing dumb... lol. It was fun but annoying!
  2. Hi Natasha nice to meet you and hear about your goals in the graphics area! You know as far as adobe goes I haven't looked up their offerings in a long time because I'm really happy with Gimp and what I can use it for in my business. I'm not familiar with what the Creative Cloud package offers but I just looked it up and see the price is $50/month. It looks to me like that package includes their whole suite of products which is a very powerful offering but to me it would be complete overkill compared to what I need and my clients need. I think the foundation for good business graphics includes just a few key elements: - Branding (could be colors, fonts, logos) - Copywriting (telling people why they should care) - Call to Action I get all that from Gimp and I grab stock photos and images from DepositPhotos to pull it together. To me it's not about Graphics Design but using the software to create marketing pieces for promoting a business. Hope that answers your question
  3. I use Amazon and also Dropbox. Dropbox is handing for a client who's got an account there.. or working with VAs for easy file transfer.
  4. These are great looking templates! 99Designs is also a great place to get an original logo too. You set your budget and then people make designs and you pick what you like.
  5. Traci people do get business from their blogs. As a VA the main purpose would be to showcase your expertise and get found in the search engine for relevant terms. It is one tool in the toolbox and I certainly wouldn't spend all your marketing efforts there. In my experience most clients don't spend a lot of time reading 'how-to' content but they do benefit from seeing case studies and examples of the work you do... these have converted to clients for me.
  6. No magic pill, sorry! You gotta just make it happen. I think when you see results that's very motivating. Can you ask yourself if what you're posting is going to get your results. If the answer is no the next question to ask yourself is what you can try next that will...
  7. One of the hardest parts of a website to decide on is the content of your website header. What did you decide to put in it? Share a link if you want us to see!
  8. Sorry I don't know the answer to this. Have you checked with your designer? I think each designer will have their own terms and depending on what you agree to as part of a contract or as implied agreement by hiring them. Of course this is in no way legal advice and I'm not a lawyer!
  9. Tracy Gimp.org has some info on it and of course you can go to Google and search certain techniques. There is also a lot of good tutorials about Gimp on YouTube. Look for inspriation as you go about business and then see if you can pinpoint the techniques you need to learn to make that happen. I also teach a program on Gimp so if you have any questions feel free to ask and I'll be glad to help however I can
  10. I'm waiting to see someone do something with the new Twenty Twelve theme that's free from WordPress.org... it's got a nice clean look: http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/twentytwelve
  11. What do you find the most difficult about being a blogger or starting a blog? Is it finding the time? Using WordPress? Thinking of what to write? Getting comments? Getting traffic? I'd love to hear what you're struggling with so we can talk about it more and get some problems solved! I would say my biggest challenge is finding the time to blog. I put other tasks in a higher priority but I know a consistent blog can bring a consistent income so I need to really get better at this for myself. Looking forward to hearing your answers
  12. Looks good! Also looks like you're focusing on content that can draw in your potential clients, which is a smart way to go
  13. Also consider that the fact that they're not commenting does not mean they're not reading your posts. Getting comments isn't always the best goal for your blog, anyway. You want people to take action and if the action is something like signing up to your list or filling out a consultation form then that could be better than leaving a comment. I know it feels rewarding to get a comment but I'd also recommend you design your blogs to lead your readers towards taking action!
  14. I just saw this now... Tawnya are you using Adobe? If you want you can call me and I can walk you through setting it up to give out a link. Once you know how to use it, it's easy to do! Let me know
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