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  1. I agree that the plug-in MyScribe is awesome. That feature alone will save me many hours in transcription time this fall when I'll be teaching 3 courses at the community college :-)
  2. I also have the MyScribe software to convert my "scribbles" into text, which will be invaluable to me during the Fall '10 semester! Have to admit that I have discovered how illegible my cursive handwriting is when MyScript attempts to convert it into text! It works much better if I print rather use cursive. A learning process...but I LOVE IT! :-)
  3. many thanks for providing access to the information about LiveScribe. It is truly an awesome and very creative product! Useful in many venues... :-)
  4. Purchased a LiveScribe smartpen two weeks ago and have been discovering various ways in which it will be useful as a teacher and a VA. It's a computerized pen that also utilizes a desktop application. Also available is software that will convert handwritten notes to text that can be imported into another application, such as MS Word. If you're interested in finding out more about this pen, go to livescribe on the web. A new version of the smartpen (named "Echo") was just recently launched and that may be also be found on the website. Have fun!
  5. this is an awesome idea! Have signed up online but now...where do I find the template? Any ideas? Thanks!
  6. Many thanks for providing this information. So...this means that I can say "good-bye" to my Verizon plug-in modem that costs $60.00 a month? :-) Just THAT is exciting!
  7. Good morning, I'm interested in beginning a pet sitting service in my area and have been researching the following software as possible online appointment systems: http://www.professionalpetsitter.com/ http://www.powerpetsitter.com/ http://pamimsoftware.com/ Perhaps one of these might be appropriate? LA Brown
  8. Windows Live has an Office section where Office-based documents (Excel, Word, etc.) may be entered and shared with others. Groups may be set up with permissions, authentications, etc. This software is a free download. OpenOffice.org is compatible with MS Office apps. Might be helpful? LA Brown
  9. Thank you for your message, Tawnya. Am in the process of setting up my website...almost there. Will send the URL when it's completed. I'm very impressed by the professional atmosphere of the members of this network, which is one of the reasons I decided to start out in this community. Linda
  10. Hello, Have been researching VA possibilities for the past year and have decided to "get my feet wet" by starting up my part-time VA business this summer. My focus is on academic and manuscript typing, professional proofreading, copyrighting and editing, and technical writing. I have been reading the notices and information that is available online, especially here and have downloaded the e-books that have been so thoughtfully provided by this community. Looking forward to learning more about the experiences of others and working together with my peers. Linda Brown WryteType
  11. In response to your question, I've been using "Fetch" on my Mac for several years. It's user friendly and fairly intuitive. Hope this helps. LA Brown
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