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  1. Hi Melanie I am also new at this, good luck. I think getting your prices and packages right to gain confidence when dealing with potential clients is key. I am working on this myself at the minute. Good luck with your new venture. Gayle
  2. Hi Guys thanks for the input. Gayle
  3. I have a lady sending me her business plan to quote for formatting. All content is included, i've just to quote to make it professional looking. 40 pages long, ask to add images and format paragraphs. Need help asap. Gayle OGNI
  4. Whats your best elevator pitch?
  5. I have been registering for local business events coming up, fingers crossed I get clients soon. I have been trying to narrow down my services Dawn but I am struggling with this. I am concerned that I may not get it right and not appeal to clients and i am also weary I am listing to many and confusing people, I suppose this will come with experience. Thanks, Gayle
  6. Hi Everyone, Thank you very much for your responses. At present I am finding my way around the forum. I love it, its a great community with a wealth of knowledge and information. I hope I can get to make new virtual friends and share my journey along the way. Gayle xx
  7. Hi Everyone, I have had a request from a potential client to provide a quote to do a 12 page newsletter. She would like me to set it up to enable her to add and edit the content, to be able to have it in pdf and jpeg format. In all my years of designing newsletters and leaflets I have always used MS Word, I have used this to create templates for other people and it has always been professional. Can other VAs give some feedback on the software they use to create newsletter templates to enable clients to edit? Would use charge by the hour for this service or as a package / project? Thanks,
  8. Hi All, My name is Gayle Thompson, Owner at Office Genie NI. I am based in Northern Ireland and have just started out as a VA. I have been doing this type of work for a number of years now and have decided to make this my main role. I left my position as Office Manager after 10 years to go self-employed as a Virtual Assistant. I look forward to speaking with you all and getting some feedback on the challenges we are faced with in making our businesses' successful. I seeking help and advice in Marketing and getting clients. Being based in NI we are a small country and I am finding it hard to gain confidence in new clients. All information and advice is welcome. Thanks, Gayle
  9. What marketing strategies have you all found to be the most successful and what clients do you seem to get the most?
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