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  1. What is everyone's opinion on Email Management/List? MailChimp or Aweber? Can someone share the pros and cons? Thanks!
  2. Thanks Tawnya for the information.
  3. Does anyone know if Outsource.com is a legitamate website for virtual assistants freelancing? They send lots of email out with jobs available for quoting. On the surface it looks as though there is a lot of good work, however you do have to pay a monthly membership. I am curious if once you join if it would be as good as it looks. Has anyone worked with them that can give me some feedback?
  4. Thank you Dawn for that very helpful information. I am planning on adding a blog and your examples and suggestions were great! Thanks!
  5. Thank you Tanya for the information and suggestions.
  6. Thanks Emily and Danielle for the great advice!
  7. Hi there- Dal here, I am planning on launching my new VA business officialy very soon. New name, new website, new skills. My question is whether to add a blog to my website. Is this something important and helpful in starting a new VA business. I like the idea of setting one up where I can post, but what is everyone's suggestions?
  8. Danielle, I am lost too, I signed up but never got the additional email that was to be sent out. I also do not have a link in my membership area and have not been able to get to that area. Can you help me?
  9. Welcome Samantha ----- Be sure to ask any questions you have. There are a lot of great resources here.
  10. I have used primopdf also and it really is user friendly.
  11. I have not used Weebly, but on the subject of starter hosting packages, I was very disappointed. If you plan on continuing to learn and grow you are very limited. I have just experienced this with my starter package. I did not have ftp services and was limited to 5 pages and in addition not being able to develop my experience with C-Panel administration and all the many tools available. As I am continuing my training, I found that the starter package did not work for me. I have just purchased another domain and a new hosting package with all the above mentioned tools which includes unlimited domains at a very reasonable price.
  12. I have used a 3d-pack. (www.3d-pack.com) Glad to see everyone's suggestions. I will add them to my list too.
  13. Thank you for your suggestions. I will definitely check into those areas.
  14. Thank you for your suggestions! I am now taking a WordPress course online and also some video tutorials. How do I go about working toward becoming a WP Specialist? Is there a certification and what do I need to do next? I would appreciate your help.
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